Genius and Easy DIY Organization: Popsicle Sticks as DVD File Labels

by on Nov 23, 2011

A bookmark with the letter A on it sticking out of a bookshelf.

Even if you have your DVDs filed in alphabetical order, you still might not be able to find the L’s fast enough when you’re jonesing for some Lord of the Rings. (Mmmm..Viggo.) Anyhoo, Shari found an ingenious way to help keep her family’s DVDs organized. She bought some rub-on letters and big popsicle sticks and then applied the letters to one end of the popsicle sticks. The sticks, when shoved between the DVDs, then delineate each letter of the alphabet and the transition from Lord of the Rings to My Cousin Vinny. The picture above is probably all you’ll need in way of a tutorial, if not, click here.

Just because….

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