I'm Terrified of Public Speaking: Here's How I Cope

by Bruno Bornsztein

public speaking tips for nervous people

Here's the first thing I want to know: how am I going to keep my teeth from chattering once I get up on stage? Later this month, Alicia and I will be flying to sunny Palm Springs, California, for Altitude Summit (a conference for lifestyle and design bloggers). And on the morning of the first day I'll be giving a talk about how Curbly runs a blogging business.

The question I get most often about my job is, "Yeah, but how do...

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What It's Like to Earn Your Income Through Blogging

by Bruno Bornsztein

That's us at Curbly, pretending to work

Type 'how to make money blogging' into Google and you'll choke on a pile of spammy-sounding search results telling you how, if you'd only give up your e-mail address or credit card number, you'd learn the secret to living like a billionaire on your pajama-based blogging income.

I've been making a living publishing a blog (my full-time income, supporting a family of four) since 2008, and as a supplemental income since 2006, and blogging as a hobby since 2003, so I guess I'm as qualified to speak on the subject as anyone else. Plus, I don't want your credit card number.

The bottom line: there's no secret to making money on a blog. It's the same as making money from anything. It's mostly perseverance, hustle, and the willingness to keep trying.

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