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Tool School: Meet the Rigid MEGAMax Interchangeable Tool System

by on Sep 14, 2018

This post is sponsored by the Home Depot

The  Rigid MEGAMax is a hulking monster-tool. It’s the Optimus Prime of home improvement. If they ever make a movie about power tools coming to life and taking over the world, forcing us DIYers to labor at the thankless tasks they’ve plied for so long, well, then this tool will be their leader. 

The MEGAMax is a really powerful interchangeable tool system just introduced by RIGID. The Powerbase includes an 18V brushless motor and can automatically identify which tool head you’ve attached (and adjust battery/motor output accordingly). I tried two of the attachments, the Reciprocating Saw Head and the 1/2 in. Right Angle Drill Head, and I can tell you that I don’t think I’ve ever used a more powerful handheld tool (corded or not) in my life. Here’s what I found …           

Assembling the Rigid MEGAMax
Attaching the Ridgid MEGAMax Brushless 18V Power Base to the Reciprocating Saw Attachment Head.

Hands On With the RIGID MEGAMax (and friends)

The RIGID MEGAMax is super intuitive and easy to use. The attachments twist on (much like a camera lens to the body), and snap off with the click of a release latch (no tool needed to change the head). The build quality is what I’ve come to expect from RIGID tools: solid. All the attachment points are die-cast metal; no plastic or rubber pieces to fall apart after extended use. The exterior of the tool is molded plastic and high density rubber, and felt like it could be dropped off a building or run over by a truck, and get right back up again.

Using the Rigid MegaMAX reciprocating saw with Diablo blade
Hot knife, meet butter.

I’m not gonna lie: this tool is heavy. If you’re looking for something to carry around the house for everyday jobs, this is not the tool for you. It’s meant for professional job sites or very serious DIYers (I know there are some of you out there). And with that weight comes durability and POWER. 

Like, scary power. First, I tried the reciprocating saw attachment. Fair warning: I’ve used lots, and lots (and lots) or recip saws. Corded, cordless, little ones, big ones. I’ve used ’em to cut things they were meant to cut, and to cut things they were never meant to cut (and also, once or twice, to injure myself thoroughly). 

But still, I wasn’t prepared for how completely the  MEGAMax obliterated this hapless 2×4. I loaded it with a Diablo clean-wood-cutting blade and it tore through it almost before we could get a picture taken. I tried again with an embedded screw and the  Diablo Demo Demon blade, and didn’t even feel a change in speed/resistance when it went through the metal.

Using a Diablo blade to cut through wood and metal

Cutting metal with the Rigid MEGAMax

As you can imagine, a length of copper tubing was comically unsuited to withstanding the angry destruction of the MEGAMax + Steel Demon blade. 


Next up, I swapped in the  right-angle drill head. If you’re wondering when a right angle drill might be necessary, think about having to punch holes in between joist cavities in a basement (say, for running electrical or plumbing lines). It’s a tight space, and it’s overhead, so you can’t really get your body into a good position where you can apply much force. 

A right angle drill is the answer. It runs at a lower speed, but a much higher torque, so it can chew trough tough materials with barely any added pressure from the operator. And because of the angled head, it can fit into spaces that a normal drill might not. 

I paired the MEGAMax with a Bosch DAREDEVIL spade bit from a new I just got. These bits are pretty cool: see the little threads on the very tip? Those pull the spade into the wood and keep the tip from moving around while you start the hole. 

Bosch Daredevil Spade Bits

Using a spade bit to drill through wood

It’s hard to convey in photos, but this process felt more like dropping the bit through the wood, than drilling it. It just sort of … fell through the material. I’d guess it took less than ten revolutions of the bit to complete the hole.

Rigid Bluetooth Battery Pack

The  MEGAMax pairs with the Ridgid OCTANE 18V 6Ah Bluetooth Battery, which can pair with your phone (free iPhone/Android app required), and lets you keep track of battery life, lock the tool remotely, and even track its location via GPS.

That last feature, I might note, will be especially useful when the MEGAMax starts coming after you with all its rebellious power-tool friends. Never hurts to have a head start.

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. All opinions are mine alone. Thanks for reading, and for supporting the brands that make Curbly possible.

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