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fernando on Dec 06, 2018:

Bruno, la elaboración es sencilla y lo haces fácil de realizar

Cyndee Lue on Nov 09, 2018:

We made our own concrete sink once! I found a cool trick to make it more "pretty" by gluing some glass stones in a pattern inside the mold first. Once it's completely dry you pour the concrete in and let it set. Once a day or two is gone by and its dry you break it out of the mold and wala! A super cool design. We took it a step further and sanded it down with a sanding machine and make the top nice and smooth, and then sealed the concrete. I bet adding some stones inside to make a design would be so cool!

ely on Oct 18, 2018:

me encanto, y no parecedemasiado complicado, vere conde consigo esos tubos, gracias

Darlene Watson on Jul 15, 2018:

I have been using these tubes to ship my art but I am going to get some cut to make planters. This is brilliant and looks pretty easy. Good practice for when I put posts in for my privacy fence. Another thing I want to try. :-)

Joyce Love on May 15, 2018:

Just came across this on Pinterest & can't wait to try this out! Thank you!

Johnevolve on Aug 09, 2017:

Oh wow, nice! It adds some character to it!

bruno on Aug 09, 2017:

@johnevolve - that line was just the result of the way the carboard mold was built (it spiraled up like that).

Johnevolve on Aug 09, 2017:

Hey, the planters came out great! I have one question though, how did you get that angled line on them?

bruno on Jun 05, 2017:

@eldon - Sure! Here's the product you'd need:


Eldon on Jun 05, 2017:

Can the concrete be color tinted?

Rebecca K. on Aug 16, 2016:

Thanks Bruno! I'm a visual person so that really helps ;o).

bruno on Aug 16, 2016:

@Rebecca - yes, the interior mold just peels away easily (easier if you spray it with cooking oil first). The drain is just screwed to the top of the interior cylinder, so that that when you unscrew the drain, the plastic top comes out, but the drain stays encased in the concrete. I added a diagram to the post:

Rebecca K. on Aug 16, 2016:

What about the inside mold? Does it just cut away as well? I'm also not able to visualize the drain part at the bottom. More pics? This is awesome!!! Can't wait to get my hands dirty and try this. I'm also thinking of adding concrete stain or painting some stripes.

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