Make It: Capiz Shell Art

By: Diy maven Apr 19, 2012

We've all seen the capiz shell chandeliers, but have you seen the same technique used to make wall art? Angie did just that after seen the above picture in House Beautiful. She made her shells pretty much the same way as everyone is doing these days, however, she addedContinue Reading

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Roundup: 10 Affordable DIY Modern Wall Art Projects!

By: Capreek Apr 02, 2012

created at: 04/01/2012

Bare walls are the pits.  Liven those bad boys up with some affordable modern art -- that you made yourself!  Here are ten of our favorite DIY wall art projects to make this week.   Continue Reading

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Handmade Thread Sketches

By: Craftmel Mar 20, 2012

created at: 03/20/2012

On first glance, this trio of European landmarks looks like quick sketches on aged paper.  But look again a little closer and you'll see that they are made from something much different.   Continue Reading

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Inexpensive Art from Throwaways

By: Diy maven Mar 08, 2012

created at: 03/06/2012

Can you guess what the maker used to create these art pieces? Here's a hint: not paint chips.Continue Reading

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Minimalist Pixar Posters

By: Mollymc Mar 08, 2012

Minimalist Toy Story 2 Poster

Name that movie! And no peeking at the bottom corner. Designer Wonchan Lee has created an entire series of Pixar movie posters by simplifying each movie to one, memorable symbol. See if you can guess the rest.

Continue Reading

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Roundup: Planes, Trains & Automobile Art

By: Mollymc Mar 01, 2012

created at: 02/27/2012

Sure, they're big hunks of metal. But boy, are they cool to look at! Take a look at some awesome artistic interpretations of our favorite ways of getting around. (And I threw in bikes, too!)

Continue Reading

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DIYable Woven Art

By: Diy maven Feb 28, 2012
created at: 02/28/2012
Can you guess what this woven art piece is made out of? Continue Reading
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Oreo Art: Hand-Carved Cookie Cameos!

By: Capreek Feb 24, 2012

created at: 02/23/2012

Bad manners?  Psh!  Playing with your food is art.  At least when Massachusetts-based artist Judith Klausner does it.  I mean, have you ever seen such an intricately-carved, cookie cream cameo?   Continue Reading

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10 Minute Makeover with Murals Your Way

By: Diy maven Feb 22, 2012

created at: 02/22/2012

Wall murals have come a long way since the 1970s. Back then they were basically flimsy sheets of wall paper applied with glue. Flash forward to the 20 double digits. Now we can find them made of heavy-duty vinyl with peel & stick repostionable backings like those from Murals Your Way. 

First, let's take care of a little business. Murals Your Way has a HUGE collection of murals from which to choose. They have countless pre-made images you can customizeContinue Reading

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Make It: DIY "Label Maker" Typographic Wall Art!

By: Capreek Feb 01, 2012

created at: 01/29/2012

We're big on affordable, do it yourself wall art here at Curbly (check out our top ten projects from 2011), especially art of the typographic variety.  So when we spy a project that covers all those bases (typographic, DIYable, cheap!) we get pretty excited!   Continue Reading

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Make It: Valentine's Day Countdown

By: Diy maven Jan 24, 2012

valentine's day countdown

Advent calenders are sooo last season. Beckie used her Silhouette machine to create the lettering for her Valentine's Day Countdown project, BUT Say it on the Wall now offers the vinyl for a schmeezily $8.50. Perfect for those sans Silhouette. Now, I bet you're wondering what's behind those 14 Continue Reading

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More Typographic String Love

By: Craftmel Jan 24, 2012

created at: 01/23/2012

Now that we all know how to make typographic string art, thanks to Chris, I'm seeing it pop up around the internet more and more.  I had to "ooh" and "aah" over this Love one that caught my eye.   Continue Reading

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How to Make Comic Book Art

By: Diy maven Jan 24, 2012

Megan successfully reproduced Lichtenstein's 'Crying Girl' with nothing but foam board, graphite transfer paper, fat markers, a ball point pen and Picnick. Visit Polish the Stars to see how to make some comic book art for yourself. For comparison's sake, here's Continue Reading

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Eat This: Modern Art Sandwiches

By: Diy maven Jan 20, 2012

Brittany Powell and Tea Kitakata replicate high art out of humble sandwiches. A tasty way to introduce art to the kiddos, no? To see more of their creations, check out this article on HuffPo. FIY, the above sammy is nod to Jasper Johns's Target.

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DIY Idea: Turn Jeans into Textural, Recycled Wall Art!

By: Capreek Jan 18, 2012

created at: 01/16/2012

We've made bowls and bins from jeans, but now it's time to make a little somethin' somethin' for those bare walls: highly textural and striking recycled denim wall art!   Continue Reading

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