12 DIY Wall Art Ideas Using Silhouettes

By: Craftmel May 09, 2012

created at: 05/09/2012

I just walked around my house and made a quick inventory of how many silhouette images I have as wall art in my home.  The count currently stands at 10, but that number increases drastically depending on what holiday decor I have out throughout the year. 

You could argue that I like silhouettes.  A lot.

Here are 12 silhouette art ideas that might inspire yet another piece to add to my collection.   Continue Reading

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Curbly's Wall Art Shopping Guide: 10 Cool Collages

By: Capreek May 08, 2012
created at: 05/08/2012
It's art month here at Curbly! We're going to be sharing enough DIY art projects in the coming days and weeks to fill every blank wall in America (by my rough estimates). But, if you're itching to get something up on your walls ASAP, we're putting together some shopping guides to help you find affordable art now!   Continue Reading
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Roundup: 10 DIY Paint Chip Art Projects

By: Diy maven May 08, 2012

created at: 05/08/2012

Just when I think we've reached the tipping point in the popularity of paint chip art, I see something new that makes me think that the medium still has legs. Take a look at these ideas and tell me what you think. From 'crafty' to all out Art (note the capital 'A'), the lowly chips certainly inspire. The first project, pictured above, is

Continue Reading

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How to: Create This Look - Striped Hallway with Sunburst Mirror

By: Mollymc May 03, 2012

created at: 05/02/2012

Getting a high end look on a budget is totally possible. All you need is a little elbow grease. Let's break down this gorgeous foyer by Muse Interiors to see how you can recreate it.

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Genius: Stickers Used as Wall Paper/Art

By: Diy maven May 02, 2012

sticker wallpaper

During our nightly constitutionals, my boo and I pass a house in the neighborhood that has a minivan parked in the driveway that has some windows--the middle and back passenger sides--covered in stickers. They're about 1/4" apart. There's gotta be a hundred or so. It drives me NUTS! I feel compelled to get inside with a blade and scrape them off. A better use of all those stickers might have been turning them into wallpaper. CreatedContinue Reading

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Make It: A Colorful DIY Driftwood Coat Rack!

By: Capreek Apr 24, 2012

created at: 04/24/2012

I love the idea of incorporating found objects and elements from nature into your decor and this driftwood coat rack is a perfect (and playful) example of how to do just that!   Continue Reading

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A Bright, Colorful Nursery Makeover for Our New Baby!

By: Alicia Apr 21, 2012

Bruno and I have some big news brewing - we're having a baby! Our first, Ayla, was born in 2009, and has been our greatest joy. So we're ridiculously excited to add to the family. Of course, a new baby means a new nursery, so for the last few months I've been dreaming up color schemes and pinning favorites left and right. Turns out, the third week in April is National Painting Week, so it's a perfect time for a paint-inspired redo!

We decided not to find out the baby's gender this time around, and knew we wanted to go with a neutral and gentle palette in the nursery. I have been in love with the combination of gray and yellow for the last few years, and it seemed like the right combination for our new nursery.

Read on to find out how we turned a ho-hum office space into a happy home for a new baby.Continue Reading

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Make It: Capiz Shell Art

By: Diy maven Apr 19, 2012

We've all seen the capiz shell chandeliers, but have you seen the same technique used to make wall art? Angie did just that after seen the above picture in House Beautiful. She made her shells pretty much the same way as everyone is doing these days, however, she addedContinue Reading

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Roundup: 10 Affordable DIY Modern Wall Art Projects!

By: Capreek Apr 02, 2012

created at: 04/01/2012

Bare walls are the pits.  Liven those bad boys up with some affordable modern art -- that you made yourself!  Here are ten of our favorite DIY wall art projects to make this week.   Continue Reading

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Handmade Thread Sketches

By: Craftmel Mar 20, 2012

created at: 03/20/2012

On first glance, this trio of European landmarks looks like quick sketches on aged paper.  But look again a little closer and you'll see that they are made from something much different.   Continue Reading

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Inexpensive Art from Throwaways

By: Diy maven Mar 08, 2012

created at: 03/06/2012

Can you guess what the maker used to create these art pieces? Here's a hint: not paint chips.Continue Reading

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Minimalist Pixar Posters

By: Mollymc Mar 08, 2012

Minimalist Toy Story 2 Poster

Name that movie! And no peeking at the bottom corner. Designer Wonchan Lee has created an entire series of Pixar movie posters by simplifying each movie to one, memorable symbol. See if you can guess the rest.

Continue Reading

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Roundup: Planes, Trains & Automobile Art

By: Mollymc Mar 01, 2012

created at: 02/27/2012

Sure, they're big hunks of metal. But boy, are they cool to look at! Take a look at some awesome artistic interpretations of our favorite ways of getting around. (And I threw in bikes, too!)

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DIYable Woven Art

By: Diy maven Feb 28, 2012
created at: 02/28/2012
Can you guess what this woven art piece is made out of? Continue Reading
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Oreo Art: Hand-Carved Cookie Cameos!

By: Capreek Feb 24, 2012

created at: 02/23/2012

Bad manners?  Psh!  Playing with your food is art.  At least when Massachusetts-based artist Judith Klausner does it.  I mean, have you ever seen such an intricately-carved, cookie cream cameo?   Continue Reading

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