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Totally Type Roundup: 9 DIY Typographic Wall Art Projects

by Brittni Mehlhoff

created at: 04/02/2013

Maybe it's the artist in me, but I tend to believe that a room is never finished until there is something hanging on the walls. There is just something special about artwork that makes a space feel complete. And since I'm talking about wall art, we might as well discuss typography too. We're big fans of typography here at Curbly and much like wall art, type can make a pretty big statement, whether it's in a book or on your walls. So let's explore the latter. Here's a roundup of awesome typography wall art your bare walls will love.   

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Steal The Style: How to Make Your Bedroom Look Like an Upscale Boutique Hotel Suite

by DIY Maven

Oftentimes we forget to look for inspiration in public spaces. From lighting in a beautiful restaurant to floral arrangements in upscale ladies rooms, we can find ideas to make our interiors more welcoming and put-together, which is, of course, imperative to businesses that service the public. In this post we take a look at hotels. Specifically, boutique hotels of the shabby-chic variety. 

The first of our eclectic trio is from

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The Curbly House: Fab Design Inspiration Board for Our New Bathrooms

by Alicia Lacy

created at: 03/05/2013

We're on the home stretch of our upstairs bathroom redesign in the Curbly House, and in true "Alicia fashion," I made a last-minute wall color change that caused Bruno to wave his paintbrush in the air yelling, "You have a problem. You need a paint therapist." He's right, but willingly helped me paint, so ... maybe he needs a paint therapist too. Enabler.

All of this bathroom hullabaloo reminded me that our upcoming (promise, soon!) addition will include two new bathrooms, offering lots opportunities for "costume changes". Fortunately, Fab invited me to put together some bathroom inspiration boards; if you haven't heard of Fab, it's a great online design destination with boatloads of unique, colorful, modern products. Their products inspired me with color palettes and ideas that will make these new spaces. Take a look at my dream bathrooms below:

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