How To: Make Typographic String Art

By: Bruno Sep 15, 2011

Over at ManMade, Chris has a sweet tutorial on making hip, colorful typographic string art:

Make typographic string art

It's easy enough to do with your kids, and cool-looking enough to actually hang on the wall.Continue Reading

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Easy Art Idea: Make Framed Branches

By: Craftmel Sep 07, 2011

created at: 09/06/2011

With the cooler weather moving into most parts of the continent, it is a good time to tackle all those tree branch projects we've seen here on Curbly.  Today I've got an easy and eye-pleasing project to add to your to-make list.   Continue Reading

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How To: Fix Ugly Thrift Store Paintings!

By: Capreek Sep 01, 2011

created at: 08/31/2011

We've all seen them: hideous paintings that look to have come from a dentist's office circa 1991.  Thrift store specialties!  But before you pass by these massive works of, um, art, consider their inherent value.  A new canvas is expensive.  A sad thrift store painting is not.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Let's fix this thing with some DIY art!   Continue Reading

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How To: Cereal Specimen Art

By: Craftmel Aug 31, 2011

created at: 08/30/2011

Cereal Specimen Art.  Need I say more?  Since this month on Curbly we've been concentrating on the kitchen, I just could not pass up the opportunity to share this hilarious idea for the dry cereal connoisseur in your life.Continue Reading

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The 7 Rules to Understand Design and Designers

By: Diy maven Aug 30, 2011

created at: 08/30/2011

I am diggin' these 7 rules to understanding design and designers. Especially number 7. The j-peg is Continue Reading

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Playing Card Pendant Light

By: Craftmel Aug 23, 2011

created at: 08/22/2011

When you thought you have seen them all, another pendant light takes the spotlight.  This one, made of playing cards, really ups the ante when it comes to DIY lighting.   Continue Reading

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DIY Idea: Make a Decorative Ampersand!

By: Capreek Aug 22, 2011

created at: 08/22/2011

...or whatever character your heart desires.  Love the letter "C"?  The number "5"?  This easy DIY decor project is customizable, great looking, and practically free!   Continue Reading

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Make It: A Scandinavian-Inspired DIY Wall Hanging!

By: Capreek Aug 18, 2011

created at: 08/18/2011

My love for all things Scandinavian knows no bounds.  It's such a clean, warm, and modern aesthetic... with a touch of rustic charm thrown in for good measure.  How could you not like it, right?  If you've found yourself enamored with this style as well, here's a super simple DIY project that's sure to be right up your alley!   Continue Reading

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How To: Make Scandinavian-Inspired Hanging Photo Frames!

By: Capreek Aug 10, 2011

created at: 08/05/2011

We've featured a few Scandinavian-inspired DIY projects here in the past (remember this gorgeous coat stand?  Or this rag rug-inspired light?), but this may be the simplest and most universally appealing of them all (no Scandinavian cabin required).   Continue Reading

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How to: Make Original Abstract Art with DIY Milk Paint

By: Kellyb Aug 04, 2011

I have no children of my own, but can remember what the long and sometimes uneventful days of summer vacation felt like even now. You can only read so many comic books and build so many forts and play so many pool games before your mind is yearning for a little bit more substance. Like, say, an arty experiment of sorts.   Continue Reading

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Time for Tea: The Ultimate Modern Tea Towel Roundup!

By: Capreek Aug 03, 2011

created at: 08/03/2011

My name is Capree and I have a tea towel problem.  It's almost a compulsion really: I am always, ALWAYS finding new tea towels to obsess over.  My head is full of hundreds of these little textile goodies; it's overflowing and needs to be purged!  Luckily for you, this self-initiated intervention is taking the form of a roundup.  I hope you're ready.  And if, at the end of this, you find yourself craving tea towels too, consider yourself warned!  

Continue Reading

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Easy Paint Chip Wall Art

By: Kellyb Jul 29, 2011

My love with paint chips is a well-documented one, and word on the street is I'm not alone in my obsession with the colorful little gems. Here's an easy art project that will look modern and professional, all while putting that boxed collection to a good use and clearing out some space for more paint chips!Continue Reading

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Holton Rower's "Tall" Painting

By: Diy maven Jul 20, 2011

Holton Rower is a tall artist. Not necessarily in stature; of that, I have no idea. What he does do is paint "tall." Or maybe "vertical" is a better adjective. This verticality is achieved by his canvases, which Continue Reading

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Make: Custom DIY Rubber Stamps

By: Craftmel Jul 20, 2011

created at: 07/19/2011

All right, how many of us have a few pink erasers stashed away from our school days?  Time to break them out and give them a new purpose... personalized stamps!   Continue Reading

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How To: Make Super Easy, Super Quick Low-Cost Graphic Art

By: Chrisjob Jul 19, 2011

This month, Krylon is sponsoring a series of thrifty, creative DIY projects:

created at: 07/19/2011

Artwork. For my money, it's the number one way to add personality to a room. Sure, a $25 can of paint can make a big impact, but I'll take a white room with loads of art over boldly painted walls any day.

But, of course, you can't just go to the artwork store and scan the aisles until you find just the right piece of scale and color that matches your decor. Real art takes time to create, and fetches appropriately not-cheap prices, and isn't widely available at the local shopping center. Sure, family photos are nice, and an artfully framed poster will do, but don't you dare head to that kitchen and bath supply shop and paw through the faux-Tuscan paintings.

Instead, make your own. Quickly, easily, inexpensively, and no artistic ability required.   Continue Reading

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