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20 Ways to Elegantly Decorate Around and Disguise Your TV

by on Feb 1, 2021

Source: Jessica McCarthy

When we moved into our current apartment, we decided to mount our TV on the wall. Mainly, this was because our cats liked to stand in front of it, but we also just liked the look! Now, it’s over a year later and there’s nothing on that wall except a TV, which is the eyesore of the room. I’m a BIG TV fan, but I don’t like the look of a giant black screen singled out on my wall. Because I was in need of some eye candy myself, I rounded up my favorite ways to decorate around  your TV to incorporate it into your decor, or completely transform it into a hidden TV. Now I can’t wait to finally decorate around my TV to make the room look a million times better!          

1. Decorate with Something Other than Frames – Sick of seeing frames everywhere? Adding something unique like baskets, hats or another type of decor can still decorate your wall and detract from the TV (like in the image above via Jessica McCarthy).

Flat screen television mounted on a wall surrounded by various pictures in a bedroom.


Source: Polished Habitat

2. Add Themed Artwork – Pick a theme for framed artwork in uniform frames to hang around the TV, like Polished Habitat did with these city photos. 

Psst, ever wondered how to go about hiding television wires like the example above? Well, it’s surprisingly easy (if you are willing to do some extra drilling). Hide television wires with an in-wall cover and power kit like this one
A wall is filled with different images in a dense gallery configuration.


Source: Domino

3. Go High – Take advantage of high ceilings and add artwork all around your TV in a triangle shape, drawing your eyes upward. 

Living room featuring flat screen t.v., artwork, gray chair, and a pink area rug.


Source: Rain on a Tin Roof

4. Paint the Wall Black – Because TVs are (generally) black, why not disguise it against a black accent wall?! Add white framed artwork that pops, and the hidden TV practically disappears, like in this example from Rain on a Tin Roof.

Camouflaging a TV on a black wall
Source: Apartment Therapy

Here’s another example of a black wall camouflaging a TV and accompanying stereo equipment (via Apartment Therapy).

A white room furnished with chairs and pictures.


Source: SF Girl

5. Add Large Art – The way this photographer used large scale artwork in black frames helps draw your attention away from the TV and actually makes the TV seem like part of the decor. 

A clean and elegantly designed living room.


Source: Hung Le

6. Incorporate Wall Mounted Storage – Add thin wall mounted cabinets above your TV! Not only do you gain storage in an unused space but it grabs your attention and give you another space to decorate. 

A comfy living room with two large white arm chairs flanking either side of a large modern fireplace with a blue and white carpet.


Source: Dimples and Tangles

7. Use Bold Frames – Add gold, intricate frames behind and around the TV. They’ll add color AND texture to the space!

Television stand with tv and picture frames are hanging on the background wall.
Source: Design*Sponge

Here’s another gallery wall, this time with a mix of bold colors and styles to distract from the tube.

8. Add a Textured Wall – Turn the wall behind your TV into an accent wall (even just a section) with reclaimed wood, shiplap or beadboard to make the wall the real star of the room. 

A television set into a white television set on the wall.


Source: The DIY Playbook

9. Hang It on a Bookshelf – If you have built-ins, faux built-ins or just an extra large bookshelf, fitting your TV in the middle is a great way to decorate around it. Plus, having shelving around your television makes it easier to hide wires.

Eye Candy: 10 Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your TV
Source: Minted

10. Hide It Behind Art – Here, the TV has been hidden behind sliding artwork. Genius! You can read about how it was made here.

A full rustic bookshelf with drawers in the middle and picture frames on top sits under a world map.
Source: Home Love Stories

Here’s a less hands-on version of the hidden TV behind art – there’s a TV behind that pull-down map! See it on Home Love Stories.

Eye Candy: 10 Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your TV
Source: A Storied Style

11. Go Monochromatic – Tucking it into a gallery wall filled with black and white art works well too, like this gall from A Storied Style.

Sliding doors are open to reveal shelves holding books and a television.
Source: Via Xataka Home

12. Tuck It Behind a Modular Sliding Door – These large slotted doors via Xataka Home slide back and forth, creating a more architectural solution…

Eye Candy: 10 Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your TV
Source: New York Times

… While this large sliding door hides the TV completely, and is a great solution for more modern decor. [Photo: New York Times]

Eye Candy: 10 Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your TV
Source: Pottery Barn

13. Hide It Behind a Mirror – This mirrored cabinet from Pottery Barn is an easy yet super stylish solution for a hidden TV.

Eye Candy: 10 Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your TV
Source: Huisje Kijken Wonen & Lifestyle

14. Disguise It With Smaller Panels – These decorative panels from Huisje Kijken Wonen & Lifestyle look quite beautiful in this neutral space.

Sliding doors covering something in a room.
Source: Pottery Barn

This TV is hidden behind some beautiful sliding faux barn doors. See this hidden media storage on Pottery Barn.

Eye Candy: 10 Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your TV
Source: Style At Home

15. Go Camo with Dark Wallpaper – Similar to painting the wall black, this method of disguising a TV is a little less bold. Dark patterned wallpaper is a clever way to mask your TV, like this one spotted on Style At Home.

Eye Candy: 10 Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your TV
Source: Domaine Home

16. Tuck the TV in Another Piece of Furniture – A large secretary style desk can be a great solution at well. [Photo: Domaine Home]

clever ideas for hiding wall mounted tvs


Source: OneKindesign

17. Hide the Wire, Highlight the Screen –  The TV is still exposed with this idea, but unsightly cords are hidden away with expanding shelves! See it on OneKindesign.

clever ideas to hide wall mounted tvs


Source: Southern Living

18. Panel It – There’s more to this wall paneling than meets the eye. This solution was spotted on Southern Living – a small compartment opens and reveals the hidden TV!

clever ideas for hidden wall mounted televisions


Source: Ballard Designs

19. Shutter It – Hide the television behind some window shutters. See it over on Ballard Designs.

Samsung Art TV
Source: Samsung

20. Get an “Art TV” –  This might be the most expensive hidden TV option on this list, but it’s also the most effective. Samsung’s The Frame is a TV when it’s on, and turns into art when it’s off. Magical.

Have you used any clever hidden TV ideas in your own living space? We’d love to see! Leave us a comment, or post a picture on Instagram and tag #curblylovewhereyoulive! 

20 Ways to Create a Hidden TV
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 Televisions are a reality for most people, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re not the prettiest thing to look at. However, with a little design know-how and maybe some DIYing, there are plenty of ways to camouflage or dress up so they don’t look like the center of your living space. Who’s ready to redecorate?!

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