Roundup: 8 Unbelievable Dorm Room Makeovers

by DIY Maven

Dorm Room Makeovers feature image


It's almost time. Back to school, or college as the case may be. You can tell by the scent of #2 pencils in the air and Bed Bath & Beyond ads for dorm room doo-dads. It's no wonder BB & B and Target and such push dorm room decor this time of year. Back in 2012, the National Retail Federation estimated that dorm room

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Get The Look For Less: Rustic Natural

by Faith Provencher
Get The Look For Less: Rustic Natural
Photo: Magnolia Market

Rustic home décor has become popular lately, and not just in cabins or mountain homes. Natural elements like wood, glass, iron and wool fill these spaces, and with a bit of strategic decorating they can be totally chic and stylish. And while they can have the tendency to be pricey, we've culled through the internet to find some affordable options. Keep reading to check them out.   

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Curbly Original
Let's Hit the Beach! Double DIY: Popsicle Tote and Watermelon Towel

by Stephanie Lee

DIY popsicle tote and watermelon beach towel

One of the things we look forward to most come summertime are visits to our local beach. Lying back on a towel with our toes in the warm sand and the sound of waves in the background is pure bliss.

But once we head to the water for a dip and emerge from the ocean to stroll back to our towels, we often find ourselves looking around in confusion because our little bundle of belongings looks just like every other bundle on the beach!

Well no more. I've decided the easiest way to easily identify our stuff is to make sure it looks different to everyone else's, and I think this bright watermelon and popsicle combo might just do the trick!              

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