How To: Make Jewelry for Your Walls

Wall Jewelry Beauty Shot
Photo: OhOh Blog

We see a lot of DIY art in the Curbly neighborhood. Usually they're projects to hang on the wall. In that respect, this DIY wall jewelry idea fits the description, but where it diverts from most is that it could be described as hanging sculpture. And, yes, it does  look like a dangly earring, but that's where the 'jewelry' description comes in. Ama made it using 3mm plywood, sand paper, woodstain, a bit of wire, a length of jewelry chain, various paint stains, and a drill and jig saw. A couple of measuring devices doesn't hurt either. 

DIY Wall Jewelry Cutting
Photo: OhOh Blog

She does suggest balsa wood as an easy-to-cut alternative. For the complete instructions, head on over to OhOh Blog. P.S. This could be a cool outdoor art project too, although I'd probably opt to use marine grade plywood for such installations. 

DIY Wall Jewelry Cut
Photo: OhOh Blog


How to make a wall art jewelry [OhOhBlog]


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DIY Maven on Jan 13, 2016:

You're very welcome, Ama! It's a lovely project. :)

Ama Ryllis on Jan 13, 2016:

Thanks for sharing my wall art!

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