Roundup: 10 Rooms that Feature Bold Pops of Plaid... That Actually Work!

Roundup: 10 Rooms that Feature Bold Pops of Plaid... That Actually Work!
Source: Interior Decoration

Just in case you haven't seen the Target commercials, plaid is in. I don't really believe it ever went out of style but it definitely is taking center stage lately. Here are some fun ways pops of plaid can be added into your home and decor.       

1. Plaid can look good on the wall like the photo above. Plaid wall paper, painted stencil or DIY fabric wall paper could be a great accent wall in a room.

Source: House Beautiful

2. Not too sure about making plaid permanent? Throw some plaid curtains up and you will have lots of color added to your room.

3. Upholster something plaid. The Curbly house living room designed by Emily Henderson has plaid upholstery that blends yet still adds and element of contrast to the neutrals and blues.

Source: Lonny

4. A plaid sofa can stand out and be a focal point of a room.

Source: Cabbagerose

5. A plaid rug can be colorful and modern...and removable if you like to change things up with trends.

Source: Design Sponge

6. Bedding is a great place for plaid to show up in your home.

Source: Design Sponge

7. If you are "trend phobic" and don't want to go overboard, simple pops of plaid can be be added with a blanket on an accent chair. This is functional too. I always have a blanket when I am doing work at home.

Source: My Domaine; Home of Caitlin Wilson

8. Put it in your kitchen. Adding plaid is a colorful way to spice up the neutral and timeless design elements in your kitchen.

Source: DesignsbyKaty

9. If you are the type of person that loves to go bold. What about plaid tile?

Source: Making it Lovely

10. Its kind of fun to display plaid in the unexpected, like the faux taxidermy above. When you are done with it being every day decor it can always come back out as holiday decor.

So, are you into the plaid trend for everyday or is it just a holiday thing for you? Please do tell. If you are already over plaid because of the high saturation in fashion and design...Here are some other trends that are pretty affordable.

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bruno on Nov 07, 2015:

Thanks Ashley! 

Ashley on Nov 07, 2015:

Love me some plaid! Obsessed with the curbly living room picture...i'm sure you are surprised!

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