Roundup: 10 Stylish Bike Storage Ideas that Double as Decor

Roundup: 10 Stylish Bike Storage Ideas that Double as Decor
Photo: House and Garden

We live in the Midwest where everyone drives, yet my husband chooses to ride his bicycle to work whenever he can. Our garage is too small to accommodate it, and I get a little frustrated when he parks it right inside the front door and we have to maneuver around it all evening.

Bicycles are architecturally stylish, and often valuable, so why not create storage that puts them on display?  Here are some creative ways to incorporate bicycle storage into a room's design.   


1.  Why not store your bicycle over your fireplace?  These colorful faux taxidermy  wall-mounted racks look good with or without your bike. (above)

2.  Create an entry space centered around your bicycle. I love how they used this rack from CB2, useful items, and paint to make the storage area stand out: 

bike storage entry
Photo: Tanner Goods

3.  Hang the bicycle over a piece of furniture with this colorful wall mount featured on My Scandinavian Home:

bicycle over furniture
Photo:  My Scandinavian Home

4.  Instead of art, hang your bicycle behind your sofa:

bike over sofa
Photo: Homedit

5.  Give a blank wall some interest and purpose with this shelf mount from Knife and Saw:

Knife and Saw Bike Rack
Photo:  Knife and Saw

6.  Hang your bicycle on a similar colored wall with a low profile rack, like they did in this room on Remodelista. It's great how the bike blends in and stands out all at the same time:

low profile bike rack
Photo:  Remodelista

7.  I love this a bike-rack gallery wall because it is stylish unused, yet packed with function when used:

bicycle rack gallery
Photo: Andreas Scheiger

8.  Bicycles can fit into a feminine space too.  If you have a pretty bike, paint part of the wall behind it so the bicycle becomes highlighted, as in this great example from Lonny:

Bicycle Wall Background
Photo: Ben Brougham, Lonny

9. This photo is from a bike shop, but I can imagine these wall mounted shelves in a living room.  I am envisioning a bookcase, bike storage and entertainment center all in one:

bike shop storage
Photo: Design Build Ideas

10.  Finally, you could find a place for your bicycle to stand without a rack.  The bicycle can even hide an ugly necessity such as the air conditioner on Loving Living Small:

bicycle living room
Photo: Loving Living Small

I am convinced...it's time to go get my hubby's bike and store it stylishly.  What about you?  Do you love bicycle decor?  If so, check out this post or these prints.

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Shay on Sep 03, 2015:

These are such great ideas especially for small places that don't have the storage. i will be checking the wooden bike holders out asap for our house. 

Jennifer Farley on Sep 03, 2015:

So glad it inspired you. Hope it helps you gain more storage in your garage!

Ashley on Sep 03, 2015:

Beautiful blog post and so helpful! I loved all your ideas and they are so stylish but functional! We have 2 bikes in our garage shoved in a corner and this definitely makes me want to go pull them out and use them in my house! Thanks!

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