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The Ultimate Halloween Music Guide: 80 Tunes For Every Mood

by on Oct 17, 2022

Candy is great, and costumes are fun, but what about the music? Whether you like jammin’ to Monster Mash or prefer to get down to Thriller, music plays a big part in this spookiest of holidays. But there’s more to listen to than just the Ghostbusters theme song (although that is a good one!). Here are 80 songs to get you in the spirit for spirits. From classic haunts to alternative rock, there’s a Halloween playlist here for everyone.                  

The Ultimate Halloween Music Guide | Playlist #1: Classically Spooky Tunes

Classic Halloween Playlist

Looking to get immersed in all the classics? We’ve got you, boo. (#ghostjokes?) This list is family friendly!

The Ultimate Halloween Music Guide | Playlist #2: Hipster Halloween

Hipster Halloween Playlist

Maybe you’re in the mood for goblins and ghouls, but want some different music to listen to. Treat your inner hipster with this playlist – it’s like Halloween, but not. 

The Ultimate Halloween Music Guide | Playlist #3: Halloween Party for Adults (Not Kid-Friendly)

Halloween Party Playlist (Not Kid-Friendly)

Throwing a Monster Mash of your own? Here’s a playlist of tunes sure to fill the dance floor. From thematic new hits to classics like Superstition and Somebody’s Watching Me, this Halloween playlist will put you in the mood to party. This list contains explicit language, so it’s not for kids’ parties!

So, what you do you think? Were there any songs you felt should’ve been on these playlists but were left out? What’s your favorite spooky song? Let us know in the comments!

If you think of Halloween as being somewhat tacky, you’re not alone! That’s why we’ve put together a list Halloween DIY decor ideas that are sophisticated, not silly.

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  1. Lynn

    What – no Crazy or The Boogie Man – by Gnarls Barkley!! But thanks for everything else!

  2. M.E. Gray

    @Lynn I can’t believe I forgot to put Crazy on these playlists! Nice recommendations.