Ask a Question makeshift closet ideas?

makeshift closet ideas?

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I am moving into a rented room without a closet. I am looking for a quick, cheap ways to DIY some kind of apparatus from which I could hang clothing. Anyone ever taken on this kind of project? or seen anything interesting?

this looks pretty interesting to me! 

Hi Hexocrash! We posted about a DIY rolling clothes rack that might suit your needs:

I also have a post going up tomorrow about a DIY hanging clothes rack that is pretty cool!  Stay tuned. :)

Hope that helps!

Hi Hexocrash! 

Did you try checking Ikea closets? they are not so expensive and easy to assemble.

Yes, they are no top of the line closets and when you move I am not sure they will survive but they do the job.

Here is one for example:

Good luck,

Tali Design

Here's the other idea I was talking about: All you need is a pipe, some wire, and two anchor hooks! Easy as pie.
Ask a Question makeshift closet ideas?