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5 Things To Learn From This Incredible Closet To Nursery Makeover

by on Mar 20, 2017

Photo: Domino

When the owners of this well-known tiny house found out they were expecting, they didn’t move out like many of us might do – they turned an existing closet into a micro nursery! The resulting space is oh-so-cute and surprisingly functional. Click through to check out the incredible transformation.   

5 Things To Learn From This Incredible Closet To Nursery Makeover
Photo: Domino

They have everything they need right in this tiny corner, and they didn’t have to make any major renovations either. Here are a few valuable lessons we can learn from this makeover:

1. Use vertical space. Don’t forget about the space above your head… like, all the way up to the ceiling. Just make sure you have a stool on hand so you can easily reach whatever you’ve placed up there.

2. Plants make everything better. House plants do double duty – they add a sense of life and vitality to a space, and they purify the air too. Put a couple in each room!

3. Use every inch of space. Even the empty space underneath the crib is used, and same goes for the area above the crib too. If you’re short on space, put your thinking cap on and use every single piece of available real estate.

4. Walls and ceilings can be very functional. We always think of dressers as the only spot for clothing storage, but don’t forget about wall mounted baskets too. They can be a great place for socks and accessories. And you can hang mobiles, plants and other decorative items from the ceiling.

5. Anything is possible! With a little ingenuity and some creative problem-solving, you can do anything. Like fit an entire nursery into a closet.

Read the whole article on this amazing conversion over at Domino.

5 Things To Learn From This Incredible Closet To Nursery Makeover
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