10 Woodworking Instagram Accounts That You Should Be Following

10 woodworking Instagram Accounts That You Should Be Following


If you're not in love with Instagram, maybe you've been living under a rock. Or maybe you've just been busy and haven't had time to really explore the millions of amazing accounts out there just bursting with inspiring images. If you're into woodwork (can I get a heyyy?!), here are 10 beautiful accounts you should follow right now! Go ahead. Go get your phone.      


1. Follow @_amy_grigg_ for great ideas and pics like these, of her hand made bowls.


2. I had the opportunity to see the quality of Lisa's work in person at a craft festival a few years back. Her prints are even more stunning in person! Follow @light_and_ink 


3. Everything by TreeLine Wood Works is simply fantastic. Look at the rainbow! Follow @wdwrks 


4. I love seeing the little snippets of each piece being made by A&K Woodworks! This dresser? On my want-list. Follow @akwoodanddesign 

5. Erickson Woodworks creates gorgeous custom photo surfaces that are perfect backdrops for tabletop photography! Follow @ericksonwoodworks

6. The amount of shelves in every shape and size is astounding! Follow @fernwehwoodworking

7. Can someone please buy me 20 sets of these tiny walnut spoons?! Follow @foifedrissg

8. If you love projects involving reclaimed wood, this is an account for you! Follow @timshelwoodworking

9. Oh my goodness. I want every pastel honey platter, honey pot, and honey board. All the honey things! Follow @honeyhoneycreations

10. I can think of about a million places and uses for one of these stunning benches. Follow @khamal_furniture




10 must follow woodworking Instagram accounts


Who are your current crushes on Instagram? Let me know in the comments!




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Sarah on Feb 17, 2016:

@justinmrazik is one of my favorites! He shows the process and product. I want everything he makes!

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