7 DIY Project Ideas for Your Weekend

7 DIY Project Ideas for Your Weekend

Get ready for the weekend with seven DIY project ideas for the holidays and beyond. The giant light box marquee is probably my favorite on the list this week. But there's also a really cool faux ceramic hanging planter idea, ornament wall art, and more. Click through to see all seven DIYs to try.



1. Cheers Light Box Marquee DIY

Photo: Burkatron

2. DIY Faux Ceramic Hanging Planters

3. Space Saving Tabletop Christmas Tree Project

4. DIY Ornament Wall Confetti

Photo: Hello Lidy

5. Faceted Wood Placecard Holders DIY

Photo: Lovely Indeed

6. DIY Ampersand Marquee

7. DIY Typographic No Sew Holiday Banner


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