10 Eye-Catching, Modern Stainless Steel Mailboxes

10 Eye-Catching, Modern Stainless Steel Mailboxes

I live in a neighborhood of curbside mailboxes. They pretty much all look alike. As a matter of fact, some of the newer enclaves of homes have the exact same mailboxes. Esthetically, they look nice. As for personality, they have none. This is not the case for these 10 stainless steel  mailbox designs.

First, boxes on posts. This four-legged number was created by Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture. Constructed of stainless steel and IPE, it is a stunner. Although...is it just me, or does it kind of look like somebody left an end table out on the lawn?

Photo: Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture

The Spira mailbox from Helix Design, Inc. is a perfect marriages of modern design with traditional functionality. It not only has a newspaper cubby but a proper red flag too. Available in two sizes from$279-$329. 

Photo: Helix Design Inc.

The DaVinci Aviator mailboxes by Ginger Finley feature brushed stainless steel and powder coat finishes. This one, called Miami Mango, is particularly eye-catching. No clue as to price, however.

Photo: Ginger Finley

Artist Frank Smart makes mailboxes that are truly one of a kind. I'd think you'd need to have a conversation with your mail carrier before you plant the one below in your yard, otherwise he or she might miss it! To see Mr. Smart's other post boxes, click here.

Photo: Frank Smart

Another sculpture/mailbox from Aztec Artistic Productions. Looks like it would give a baseball bat a run for its money. Woof!

Photo: Aztec Artistic Productions

Now for wall-mounted boxes. This 'envelope' box can be found at GrandpasStainless at Etsy for $95. There's a poll-mount type too ($125).

Photo: GranpasStainless

I adore Jonathan Duke's creations. Although not made of stainless (they're made of raw steel), they're too gorgeous not to include in this roundup. Because they're raw, they weather over time to a gorgeous patina. The one pictured below is The Gibson, and it clocks in at $245. For other designs, visit Jonathan's Etsy shop BoldMFG.

Photo: BoldMFG

 The Umbra Postino Wall Mounted Mailbox is sleek, modern, and affordable at $100. 

Photo: Tara Bussema

This wall-mount mailbox features a matching newspaper holder. The price tag--$289--includes both.

Photo: Budget Mailboxes

If you have a case of sticker shock after all those, take heart. This stainless steel number is available via Walmart for only $53.

Photo: Walmart

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