Roundup: 5 Yard & Landscaping Makeovers

Roundup: 5 Yard & Landscaping Makeovers

It's easy to let the yard go downhill over the winter, but these dramatic landscaping makeovers will inspire you to give your outdoor space a little extra TLC this spring.


A Seattle home gets an informal front yard makeover with lots of curb appeal. Read about the whole process here. [Photo: Fine Gardening

Strategically placed trees and colorful shrubs give this outdoor space a finished look. Check out more front yard makeovers here. [Photo: HGTV]

Flowers are the stars here, adding lots of color to the front of this brick home. See more pictures of this makeover here. [Photo: The Daily South]

The owner of this home replaced the dead grass with different types of flowers, bushes and trees... eliminating the need for mowing the lawn! See more yard makeovers here. [Photo: BHG]

These homeowners started from scratch... which can be a daunting task. Read more about the process here. [Photo: Green Thumb Blonde]

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