Roundup: 10 Fun Ways To Decorate A Non-Working Fireplace

Roundup: 10 Fun Ways To Decorate A Non-Working Fireplace

I see these all the time around Boston: beautiful fireplaces that don't work. Maybe your landlord doesn't allow it, or maybe there's a fire safety issue. Or perhaps yours does work, but you're just looking for a decorative idea for the warmer months. Whatever the case may be, there are lots of fun ways to decorate this coveted area of your home. Here goes.  


1. A great way to highlight a non-working fireplace is to arrange a group of brightly-colored vases inside. [Photo: Real Simple]

2. A vintage book collection would look lovely too. [Photo: Stephanie Brubaker]

3. This is an interesting one... mount a round mirror over it. [Photo: John Jacob Interiors]

4. Paint some logs bright white and place them by your fireplace. [Photo: The Everygirl]

5. Here, the fireplace has been filled in but the owner has still taken advantage of it by placing logs and string lights in front. [Photo: Apartment Therapy

6. How about this for irony? A "fire" drawn with chalk onto a blackboard background. [Photo: Country Design Style]

7. Colorful bouquets of flowers dress up this small fireplace. [Photo: Tony Amos]

8. No place for your wine bottles? Try the fireplace! [Photo: Design*Sponge]

9. Create a log facade using this easy tutorial. [Photo: Pepper Design Blog]

10. If you're feeling artistic, paint a mural in your fireplace. A few vintage suitcases might look nice in front of it too. [Photo: Kristin Sjaarda]

Do you have a non-working fireplace? If so, have you done anything creative with it? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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