Roundup: 18 DIY Christmas Ornaments to Make This Season

18 DIY Ornaments Roundup

Growing up, we had a tradition in my family where every member of the family received a new ornament on Christmas Eve, usually based on something eventful from the past year.  When I moved out and got married, I had 19 years worth (yes, I married young!) of ornaments.  My husband's family had the same tradition, so our sad Charlie Brown-esque tree was quickly full and made us feel right at home for our first Christmas together.

We have since continued the tradition with our kids and each other- but last year my husband forgot to get me an ornament until late Christmas Eve.  He locked himself in my craft room and emerged an hour later with a very interesting handmade ornament for me.  It was wonky, and it was obviously made by someone who has never wielded embroidery floss, but I loved it.  It got us thinking that it would be fun to put a spin on tradition and make each other ornaments every year.   Here are some ornament ideas I knew I would like to receive (please pass the word along to my husband), and you probably would too:

created at: 11/21/2011

1. Stamped Washers by Nanny Goat

2. Argyle Applique Hoop by So September

3. Paper and Fabric Ornament by mmmCrafts

4. Stacked Felt Tree by Julia Crossland

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5. Origami Ornament by Betz White

6. Natural Felt Ornaments by Strawberry-Chic

created at: 11/21/2011

7. Grosgrain Snowglobe from Curbly

8. Photo Bottlecaps from Curbly

9. Fortune Cookie by 24-7-365

10. Paper Lanterns by The Crafty Crow

11.  Modern Paper Ornaments from Curbly

12.  Retro Felt Ornaments by My Fantastic Toys

created at: 11/21/2011

13. Stamped Clay Ornaments by Little Lovelies

14. Paper Flower Ornaments by How About Orange

15. 3-D Paper Ornaments by How About Orange

16.  Bistro Chairs by No Big Dill

17. Christmas List by Honeybear Lane

18. Fabric Birds by the Purl Bee

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?

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Fashion Shades on Dec 03, 2011:

Just superb..!You have shared such great ideas to have these good ornaments at home on this christmas.I am very fond of these handmade items and always look for crafts and other items so that I also try it at home.Thanks dear This is really awesome.Thanks.

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