10 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Floor Finishes

By: Faith-towers May 14, 2013

Flooring can be expensive. And hiring someone to install flooring can be even pricier. So why not get creative and try doing it yourself? There are plenty of DIY-able floor treatments out there that can really add some pizzazz to your space. Check 'em out!   


1. Learn how to stain a tired old concrete floor over on HGTV.com. [Photo: Pin Your Home]

2. Would you believe it if I told you these floors were made from recycled brown paper bags? Well, believe it. And find out how to do it here. [Photo: Lovely Crafty Home]

3. Try painting colorful stripes in an interesting pattern. [Photo: Edison Avenue]

4. Use stencils to create an eye-catching kitchen design. Check it out here. [Photo: Jessica Davis]

5. Don't throw out those wine corks! Make a floor out of them instead. [Photo: Phoenix Commotion]

6. Find out how Rachel used paper to achieve this bright, happy look in her bathroom here. [Photo: Lazy Cozy]

7. Another variation of stripes - paint them wider, and let the existing wood show through. [Photo: Orange Beautiful]

8. Use pennies to create a beautiful matallic look. Okay, so this one might not be quite as cost effective! Find out how to do it yourself over on eHow. [Photo: Chime In]

9. Use leftover scrap marble to achieve a more organic floor finish. Check out the instructions here. [Photo: WikiHow]

10. Decoupage your floor using, well - ANYTHING! Read about this technique here. [Photo: Phoenix Commotion]

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