How To: Turn Your Front Closet into a 'Mudroom'

By: Diy maven Oct 22, 2012

created at: 10/22/2012

Granted, this makeover courtesy of the House of Smiths started with a generous front closet, but even smaller closets could be turned into 'mudrooms.' I used quotations marks here, because the space really isn't a mud room, but it does give a mud room vibe with organization galore. HoS gives us all the details of the entire makeover process, so if we're so inclined, it's a great place to go to see what we'd be in for.

created at: 10/22/2012

Now that you've seen the after, would you turn your front closet into a 'mudroom' too? Or would you rather keep things out of sight? 

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It looks wonderful, but I have to ask you ... what do you want to keep in your closet?  Do you want to keep coats, or pretty baskets and pillows?  Now where do you guests hang their coats when they come?  Sometimes all this modern fanciness totally eliminates function.

haha. If I had a front closet or even a front hall or in a 1920's bunglow that has 2 closets, each about 30 inches wide. 

i actually like as few doors as possible in a house so I am all for this.

Wow, i love this idea. It is also a project that renters can do in their homes also.  I cant wait till G gets home so i can show him and thenbeg him till he relents  Thank you so much for inspiring me to fall in love with my closet.

My husband and I are making our guest room closet look likthis. Since we still need the storage space in our tiny house, it makes sense to us to build it out for multiple uses. Instead of just a seat with boxes below, we're going o make a long storage bench that the lid/seat lifts up for storing all of our crap out of sight, but let's the guest still have space for their things above.  It's a great idea that has definitely inspired us!

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