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Embracing Simplicity: DIY Clothesline Photo Wall Display

by DIY Maven


inspiration for clothesline photo wall display
Photo: Umbra


As my new office space started coming together, I realized I had a very large blank wall that needed some major artwork. On the opposing wall, I have a small trio of frames, so I didn't want to do the same on the big wall. But I didn't want just one big image either. So I did what we all do, I searched the internets for some inspiration. One product popped up from Umbra (pictured above) that caught my attention immediately. The 30" x 26 1/2" configuration would be perfect photographs that hold a special place in my heart but have yet found a special place enlarged on my walls.

The store-bought version costs a very reasonable $20, but I knew I could make one for next to nothing. Which I did. Actually, I made two

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How To: Reface Kitchen Cabinets Using Vinyl Flooring

by DIY Maven
Before kitchen cabinet refacing with vinyl flooring
Photo: Laura Sesana

Using flooring to resurface kitchen cabinets might sound weird. Using vinyl flooring to resurface kitchen cabinets might sound downright crazy. In the right hands, however, it's kinda genius. The owner of the kitchen pictured above blew her budget on appliances in her cozy kitchen, which meant all new cabinets were out of the question. With less than $300

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10 Woodworking Instagram Accounts That You Should Be Following

by Lexy Ward

10 woodworking Instagram Accounts That You Should Be Following


If you're not in love with Instagram, maybe you've been living under a rock. Or maybe you've just been busy and haven't had time to really explore the millions of amazing accounts out there just bursting with inspiring images. If you're into woodwork (can I get a heyyy?!), here are 10 beautiful accounts you should follow right now! Go ahead. Go get your phone.      

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Cuteness Overload: Ikea Rocking Moose Hack

by DIY Maven
Ikea Ekorre Before
Photo: Ikea

I agree with Sarah, the genius behind this Ikea rocking moose (aka Ekorre $39.99) hack: it's pretty cute as is. However, the red red coat just wasn't working with Sarah's decor. So...she decided to change its species and turn Ekorre into a rocking SHEEP. As you can imagine, changing species called for some cosmetic surgery. First came rhinoplasty, as said moose's schnauz wasn't right at all. A nip and tuck and...

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How To: Build a Restoration Hardware Inspired Rolling Console Table

by DIY Maven
Restoration Hardware Inspiration
Photo: Restoration Hardware

Jen fell in love the moment she first saw Restoration Hardware's wood and steel console, which is pictured above. Employing simple metal connectors used in the construction trade, Jen was able to recreate the console at a fraction of the cost. (I'm guessing here, because Jen doesn't actually mention how much the project cost, but the RH inspiration clocks in at between $1195 and

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