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How to Organize Every Room in Your House with a Magnetic Knife Strip

by on Sep 12, 2018

Photo: Amelia Lawrence

Magnetic knife racks are an excellent way to save space in the kitchen, but you might not realize that they’re great for organizing far more than just knives. After finding all of these creative magnetic knife strip organizing ideas, now I want to add a few to practically every room in my house.

A magnetic knife strip used to store small tools inside a cabinet
Photo:  Poul Ober for Design Sponge

1. There’s no rule that a knife rack has to go on an open wall. This one in the back of a cabinet stores small tools.

2. Organization, or art? This vintage toy car mural is a really fun way to display a collection. Get the instructions from the Crate & Barrel Kids blog.

3. Storing extra food processor blades on a magnetic knife strip inside a cabinet is a brilliant way to keep them safe and easy to access.

Store paint brushes on magnetic knife strips
Photo: Ikea

4. Even Ikea agrees that their magnetic knife racks are great for storing stuff other than knives. They demonstrate how to use them for storing paintbrushes (though you should really flip them over if you’re letting wet brushes dry).

Organize your bathroom with a magnetic knife strip
Photo: Amazon

3. Corral the contents of your medicine cabinet with a magnetic knife rack. You can even mount it inside the bathroom drawers or inside a cabinet door.

5. These craft tools are on an unexpected, but handy, spot, the side of a storage bin.

Store sewing tools and notions on a magnetic knife strip
Photo: Colette

6. Sewing tools and notions on a magnetic knife strip are easy to grab when you need them.

Organize your entryway with a magnetic knife strip
Photo: Ikea

7. This vertically-oriented magnetic knife strip is a clever spot to store keys, and anything else you need to grab on the way out the door. It’s an especially smart solution for small spaces.

8. Keep your drill bits at the ready on a magnetic knife rack.

Store beads in jars attached to a magnetic knife strip
Photo: Ikea

9. Mount a knife strip underneath a shelf or cabinet, and use it to store bits and bobs in jars.

10. This trick also works for spices, and anything else that will fit in a small jar.

Use a magnetic knife strip to display photos and art
Photo: Amelia Lawrence

11. These wooden magnetic strips make it easy to rotate your display of art and photos.

12. You can even store your garden tools on a magnetic knife holder.

13. Store tools, paintbrushes, and add a few cans for storing small non-magnetic items.

Store jewelry on a magnetic knife strip
Photo: Amazon

14. If it’s the right type of metal, you may be able to store some jewelry on a magnetic knife rack. (Test your jewelry with a magnet before you buy a rack!)

If you’ve realized that you need a few (dozen) more magnetic knife strips in your house now, fortunately they’re easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Here are a few options.

Ikea magnetic knife strip
Available from Ikea

Ikea has two magnetic knife racks these days, the FINTORP, and the longer KUNGSFORS.

Of course Amazon has a zillion different magnetic knife racks, too, ranging from beautiful hardwood versions, to more utilitarian stainless steel or bamboo options.

Walnut magnetic knife strip
Available from Amazon
Utilitarian magnetic knife strips
Available from Amazon
Bamboo magnetic knife rack
Available from Amazon

Ways to organize every room in your house with magnetic knife strips
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