Roundup: 25 Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

By: Craftmel Dec 18, 2012

created at: 12/17/2012

One of the most impressive final touches to a handmade or well-though gift is a unique and memorable gift tag.  You can't put time and thought into a present, and then just write the recipient's name with a sharpie across the wrapping paper!  Here are 25 FREE printable holiday gift tags to put a grand finale on the art of gift-giving.… Continue Reading

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How To: Make Cursive Candy Cane Ornaments

By: Diy maven Dec 18, 2012

created at: 12/18/2012

Love, love, LOVE these cursive candy cane ornaments! When I first saw them, I thought they were store-bought, real candy bent into seasonal words...but no. They're made… Continue Reading

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A Curbly Mom's Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

By: Diy maven Dec 14, 2012

created at: 12/20/2012

At this time of year, the kitchen of my childhood home was covered in a thin blanket of flour. That's because my mom when into baking overdrive around the second week of November and didn't stop until the day after Christmas. We kids all had our favorites and Mom always obliged. These six recipes, by far, were and still are, at the top of the list of must-haves at Christmastime. 

Because some of these recipes have been in my family generations, you'll notice one particular ingredient that would make dietitians faint. That ingredient is shortening/Crisco. When I make these cookies now, I swap the shortening out for butter, which my mother thinks is an expensive, unnecessary extravagance. Also, these… Continue Reading

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How To: Bake Your Own Gingerbread House

By: Matt allison Dec 14, 2012

created at: 12/14/2012

Making your own gingerbread house is a longstanding European tradition. Gingerbread is known as lebkuchen (life cake) in German because ginger preserves the cake for a longer period of time, a classic ode to all things sugar and… Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Floating Winter Terrarium

By: Capreek Dec 14, 2012

created at: 12/12/2012

Add a bit of magic to your decor this winter with a scenic, floating terrarium!… Continue Reading

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How to: Give a Gaudy Glitter Reindeer a Classy Papier-Mache Makeover

By: Chrisjob Dec 13, 2012

created at: 12/13/2012

'Twas a few weeks before Christmas 2011, when I discovered the might glory of the craft store glitter reindeer. I had so much fun hacking these glam-covered beasts into something a little less insane, that I wanted to rescue this elegant species from their harsh coats of coarse, uneven glitz again this year. Last year, I came up with a trick for removing the factory glitter and replacing it with something more refined. This year, I… Continue Reading

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Make It: Rustic DIY Christmas Tree Stand

By: Brittni mehlhoff Dec 13, 2012

created at: 12/10/2012

What do you do with a big, old tree stump and a power tool or two? You make a DIY Christmas rustic tree stand of… Continue Reading

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Roundup: 15 DIY Garland Ideas for the Holidays

By: Brittni mehlhoff Dec 13, 2012

created at: 12/12/2012

Garlands are one of the most fun DIY projects to tackle during the holidays. Don't you think? They're festive and versatile and pretty much anyone can make one. So, if you're looking for some garland inspiration for decorating your mantle or elsewhere this year, be sure to check out this list of creative ideas.   

reindeer garland

1. diy santa reindeer garland

created at: 12/12/2012

2. cozy pom pom garland

easy neon garland

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Eye Candy: 40 Scandinavian-Style Christmas Decor Ideas

By: Capreek Dec 12, 2012

created at: 12/12/2012

What's black and white and wood all over? A modern, rustic, Scandinavian Christmas! We've rounded up forty (40!!) Scandinavian-style holiday decor ideas that will have you daydreaming of log fires and warm glasses of glogg in no time. God Jul!      

1. Simple Black and White Christmas Decor

2. White Christmas Kitchen Decor

3. Elegant Bathroom Christmas Decor

4. Rustic Bedroom Decor with DIYContinue Reading

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DIY Modern Nutcracker Christmas Mantle

By: Craftmel Dec 12, 2012

created at: 12/11/2012

Nutcrackers are one of my favorite Christmas motifs, especially when they are modernized to my taste (like these all-white beauties) and for certain, these Nutcracker silhouettes resting on the fireplace mantle will be added to my to-do list this… Continue Reading

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How to: Make Easy DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

By: Chrisjob Dec 11, 2012

created at: 12/11/2012

Last holiday season, I had so much fun experimenting with sprayable glitter (see: here, and here, here, & here), that this year, it nearly didn't feel like Christmas unless I busted out the glitz again. But then, when a friend asked if I had any ideas to make some super easy, small woodland-style Christmas trees for a centerpiece, I knew exactly what to do. 

So, here's how to make a whole forrest of tabletop winter… Continue Reading

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Mid-Century Modern Christmas: How to Make a DIY Floating Holiday Centerpiece

By: Capreek Dec 11, 2012

created at: 12/11/2012

Curbly recently had the great pleasure of creating a series of Mid-Century Modern holiday decorations for DIY Network, including everything from ornaments to stockings to wreaths. We're excited to share our final project with you, this awesome, modern floating centerpiece! Check it out!

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?

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Roundup: 15 DIY Paper Holiday Decor Projects

By: Craftmel Dec 11, 2012

Paper Holiday Decor

Papier. Papel. Carta. Papper. Paper.  No matter how you say it, its our favorite material for turning out some creative and unique Christmastime decor with a little folding, cutting, or gluing. Here are 15 ideas to get you started!  

1. Origami Star, from Home by Linn.

2. 6-Point Stars, by Kate's Creative Space.

3. Paper Star Wreath, by Sinnenrausch

Paper Holiday Decor

4. Origami Stars for Garlands,… Continue Reading

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Roundup: Unique Gifts-In-a-Jar Recipes

By: Diy maven Dec 11, 2012

created at: 12/11/2012Our friends at Food Network, Cooking Channel and Food have great collections of gift-in-a-jar (or gift-in-a-bag when appropriate) projects perfect for Christmas gift-giving. So, I've gone through their coffers and tried to find more unique recipes that will surprise (and impress) those on our

Continue Reading
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How to: Make a DIY Modern Wooden Menorah

By: Bruno Dec 10, 2012

A few weeks ago, our editor, Chris Gardner, posted a sweet woodworking tutorial over on our 'brother' site, ManMadeDIY. In it, he explained the steps he took to make a beautiful hardwood modern menorah. If you're in the market for a new one for Hanukkah this year, or you're not Jewish but you just want a candle-holder with room for nine lights, then I suggest you check it out. Chris shipped us the finished product, and we were thrilled to… Continue Reading

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