Roundup: 10 Super Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Roundup: 10 Super Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Now it's really crunch time. If you're like me, you still haven't quite finished wrapping all of your Christmas gifts. But there's no need to panic here people, because I have ten super creative gift wrapping ideas that are sure to knock your socks off. And you probably have many of the materials lying around the house already, right under your nose!   


1. This free file can be printed directly onto a brown paper bag... it's a card and a gift bag in one! Grab the printable and read the instructions here. [Photo: Thirty Handmade Days]

2. Top a gift with a giant tissue paper pom pom... find out how to make one here. Check out this and other interesting gift wrapping ideas here. [Photo: Madredemialma]

3. Grab some sticks from the backyard to make these adorable tree gift toppers. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Fellow Fellow]

4. Have some old maps lying around? Use them to wrap gifts! [Photo: Cool Outfit]

5. Fabric makes great gift wrap too. If you have time, take it a step further and hand print your own. Here are the instructions. [Photo: Unruly Things

6. Put a musical spin on it by wrapping with old (or photocopied) sheet music and topping with a jingle bell. [Photo: The Clothes Horse]

7. Here's another clever way to use a paper lunch bag... check out the how-to here. [Photo: Pinecone Place]

8. You can create a unique look by layering different types of paper... find out how to achieve this mini Christmas tree effect here. [Photo: Design Fixation]

9. I'm always a fan of handwritten typography - so this paper is right up my alley. Check out the simple tutorial here. [Photo: Once Wed]

10. Weave two yarn colors together for a creative "ribbon" for your gift. [Photo: Oh Package!]

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