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Make It: Printable "To Go" Pie Boxes

by Stephanie Lee

Printable pie boxes

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas not far behind, I thought it'd be a good time to start thinking about all those desserts that will be leftover in the wake of the festivities. Because at this time of year there always seems to be too much food, despite my best efforts to eat everything in sight! 

These pie boxes are perfect for handing out the extra pieces after the party's over; and best of all, they're so easy to make...

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Make It: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars to Welcome the Holiday Season

Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars

It doesn't seem possible that another holiday season is upon us, but it is... which means that if you plan to make an advent calendar, it's time to get started on it! This is a wonderful tradition, especially for children... when I was a kid I remember looking forward to opening my advent calendar each day in December. So today we're sharing ten super creative, beautiful ways to make your own.   

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DIY Halloween Costume: Purple Rain

by Alicia Lacy

Prince Purple Rain Costume

It would be a shame to leave a Prince-themed costume out of our DIY costume repertoire this Halloween, for three compelling reasons:


1. Everyone admires Prince.

2. We live in Minneapolis, a city that holds Prince in its heart.

3. He epitomizes what it means to be an artist. He is a legend.  


So this Halloween, we're paying tribute to Prince with a Purple Rain-inspired costume. Read on to find out what we did...


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Kid-Friendly DIY Project: Back to School Pencil Cases

by Alicia Lacy

DIY back to school pencil case

Our oldest daughter begins school after Labor Day, and at the moment there is much anticipation buzzing around our house because their teacher and class placements will be mailed in the coming weeks.

This year, our girl wanted to come up with a gift she could share with her friends to celebrate the start of school. After a walk through the 'Back to School' section of Target, we came up with a simple DIY pencil case embellishment that she's excited to share with her friends. Read on to find out what we did!

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