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Make These! Printable Treat Bag Toppers for Your Halloween Candy

by Stephanie Lee

Make These! Printable Treat Bag Toppers for Your Halloween Candy

With October upon us, now's the time to start thinking all things Halloween. And you know what springs to mind for me as the 31st draws near? All that sweet candy of course!

And while I sometimes leave my lollies in their store bought wrapping, it’s much more fun seeing the faces of trick or treaters when I dole out little bundles of treats specially packaged for the occasion. Which is where these treat bag toppers come into play! Use...

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$5 DIY: Simple Woven Paper Wall Art

by Holly Wade

$5 DIY: Simple Woven Paper Wall Art

Decorating the walls of your home makes a huge difference in its appearance and its feeling as a comfortable, personal space, but the cost of art and frames can add up very quickly. One of my favorite tricks for creating beautiful wall art is patterned cardstock, and this time, I mixed two patterned papers and several bright colored pieces of cardstock to create this simple woven paper wall art that can cost you less than $5. It's as simple as cutting strips of paper!

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Summertime Vibes: 5 Free Typographic Downloads Based on Popular Hits this Summer

by Lidy Dipert

5 Free Typographic Downloads Based on Popular Hits this Summer

Summertime is all about kicking back, letting loose and enjoying some much needed relaxation time! Time to open the windows, let the breeze in, blast some tunes and be carefree - at least for a song or two. And these five prints based on popular songs this summer will be sure to remind you to take some time to just dance all your stress and worries away that might be hanging over your shoulder. It's great therapy and a whole lotta fun! 

Summertime Vibes: 5 Free Typographic Downloads Based on Popular Hits this Summer


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Make This: Recipe Card Book (with Free Printable!)

by M.E. Gray

Free Printable Recipe Cards + How to turn them into a key ring booklet

While I don't consider myself much of a chef, I do have a few tried and true recipes that I need to hold on to. Previously, I was using the scraps-of-scribbed-paper-stuffed-in-a-cookbook method of organization (most of these scraps of paper were covered in various unidentifiable spills too - yikes!). Now, though, using these free printable recipe cards has definitely simplified life in the kitchen for me. All my recipes are in one place, the key ring makes them easy to rearrange and organize, and the plastic sleeves protect them from my clumsiness.       

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How To: Make a Bridal Bouquet That'll Last Forever

by M.E. Gray

Learn how to make this life-like floral bouquet - perfect for the bride who wants to plan ahead

Why hello there, wedding season! If you're currently planning or have planned a wedding before, you know that there are a million little details to consider. Centerpieces, wedding favors, planning a menu that is considerate of everyone's dietary needs, seating arrangements that keep peace in the family - the list could go on forever. Flowers are a huge part of weddings, but fresh flowers generally need to be picked up day of, adding to your already huge to-do list. If you're DIY-ing your upcoming nuptials, making a faux bouquet ahead of time can help you tackle your checklist in a timely fashion. Plus you'll be able to keep the bouquet forever as a memento of the special occasion.            

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Don't Only Spend Mother's Day with Your Kids - This DIY Get-Together with Besties is a Special Treat

by Lidy Dipert

How to: Host a Mother's Day workshop for friends

On Mother's Day, it's lovely to be the recipient of a nice gift or thoughtful activity from your child or partner. But why limit the awesomeness to a single morning? This Mother's Day, we vote to celebrate not just once, but as much as you possibly can. To start, why not have all your nearest and dearest mama friends over for a fun workshop and tasty treats? It doesn't have to be complicated or super fancy. Like all things related to the holiday, it's the thought that counts. Here's a sure way to throw a successful little celebration in honor of all those gals that need a little extra "me" time along with an afternoon of fun.

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Charming Paper Flowers for Your Spring Mantel Decor

by Faith Towers

Curbly Original: Charming Paper Flower Easter Mantel

Photo: Faith Towers

Now that springtime has officially arrived, that means that those of us who celebrate Easter are probably starting to think about decorating our homes for the holiday. My mantel has been empty since I removed my winter décor, so it was begging for some festive embellishments. So I whipped up a few paper flowers to add some beautiful pastels to the room. Click through to find out how to make your own paper flower Easter...

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20 Big-Impact Accent Wall Ideas for Apartment-Dwellers

by Faith Towers
20 Big Impact Accent Wall Ideas for Apartment-Dwellers
Photo: Rain On A Tin Roof

There's nothing worse then renter-white walls. That dingy, dirty white that's not quite cream but not quite white either. But there's an easy way to fix it - add an accent wall and nobody will notice the rest of the walls! Here are twenty renter-friendly accent wall ideas that won't damage your walls (or they can be easily fixed when you move). Click through to read on.   


Zero Damage Accent Wall Ideas

These first few ideas will cause no damage to your apartment walls whatsoever!


Use paper polka dots to create an office space accent wall.
Photo:  Fellow Fellow

1. Washi Tape Polka Dots - Let's start with a crazy easy one... simply place strips of tape on waxed paper and then cut circles out of them! Get the tutorial here. [Photo:  Fellow Fellow]


Removable wall decals - accent wall in a child's room or nursery
Photo:  Inspired By This

2. Decal Wall - Removable wall decals are another great way to add some personality to a wall. [Photo:  Inspired By This]


Temporary wallpaper is a good way to create a focal wall in your home
Photo: Wallflora

3. Removable Temporary Wallpaper - This gorgeous floral wallpaper can be easily removed once you leave your rental. Buy it  here. [Photo: Wallflora]


Make vinyl "wallpaper" by creating a bold geometric pattern
Photo:  Cuckoo 4 Design

4. Vinyl "Wallpaper" - This person cut crosses out of black vinyl to create a bold geometric accent wall. Learn more  here. [Photo:  Cuckoo 4 Design]


Use metallic tape to create a feature wall
Photo: Design Fixation

5. Metallic Tape Accent Wall - There's a great product out there called metalized polyester film tape which can be stuck to the wall in any pattern your heart desires. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Design Fixation]


Geometric removable wall tiles in a bedroom
Photo: What Is Blik

6. Removable Wall Tiles - These fun geometric wall tiles are removable, so you can bring them with you to your next apartment. Check 'em out  here. [Photo: What Is Blik]


Fabric can be a great way to cover a wall in a space
Photo: Apartment Therapy

7. Fabric Wall Covering - Believe it or not, you can attach fabric to the wall using starch. Learn how here. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]


Re-Paintable Accent Wall Ideas

These accent walls will need to be painted over before you move out... so worth it though!


A textured ombre mural can have a huge impact in a space
Photo: Daily Dream Decor

8. Textured Mural - Give sponge painting a modern edge by creating a textured ombré accent wall. See it here. [Photo: Daily Dream Decor]


Paint architectural details to make them stand out, like in this model living room
Photo:  Domino

9. Painted Architectural Details - This person could have painted the whole wall black, but instead chose to be a bit more creative. Check it out  here. [Photo:  Domino


Stripes and patterns make this wall pop
Photo: Dream A Little Bigger

10. Layered Stripe Accent Wall Ideas - This eye-catching wall is made simply with paint and tape... so all you'll have to do is paint over it once you move! Get the tutorial  here. [Photo: Dream A Little Bigger]


A painted stencil on a bedroom wall above the headboard
Photo: Kristen F. Davis Designs

11. Stenciled Wall - This beautiful wall looks like wallpaper, but it's actually made with two different finishes of the same paint color (high gloss and matte). Read more  here. [Photo: Kristen F. Davis Designs]


Confetti gives the appearance of energy and movement on this hallway wall
Photo: Rain On A Tin Roof

12. Confetti Wall - This bold accent wall is made by taping off confetti shaped pieces and then painting within those areas. Check out the directions here. [Photo: Rain On A Tin Roof]  


A simple black marker can totally transform a wall, using a modern geometric pattern
Photo: Vintage Revivals

13. Sharpie Wall - Yep, this fun look was done with Sharpie markers. Head on over  here to read more about the process. [Photo: Vintage Revivals]


Easily Fixable Ways to Create an Accent Wall

These walls will require a bit of repair before moving out, but nothing more than patching some holes.


Arrange plywood in cutout shapes to make an accent wall stand out
Photo: Reality Daydream

14. Plywood Geometric Wall - If you're into woodworking, this could be a fun one for you. Simply pry the wood off when you move and fill the nail holes with spackle. Get the tutorial here. [Photo: Reality Daydream]


This wall uses pinned ribbons to make it a focal point in the room
Photo: BHG

15. Ribbon Wall - This one can be done by stretching ribbon in diamond shapes and securing with thumbtacks. [Photo: BHG]


Herringbone accent wall in a nursery
Photo:  The Caldwell Project

16. Herringbone Accent Wall - Again, this one takes a bit more effort... but it looks so beautiful! Check out the how-to here. [Photo:  The Caldwell Project]


Here, the home owner used corrugated metal to promote a wall behind a sofa in a living to featured status
Photo: K & Co. Antiques

17. Corrugated Metal Accent Wall - This corrugated metal is normally used for roofs, but it looks great behind the sofa here. [Photo: K & Co. Antiques]


Glasscloth stripes elevate this surface
Photo: Via Homedit

18. Grasscloth Striped Accent wall - Cover beams in grasscloth and nail them to the wall... so pretty! [Photo: Via Homedit]


Frame wallpaper to make it look like large scale wall art on a feature wall
Photo: Inspired By This

19. Framed Wallpaper - Frame up large pieces of wallpaper (or fabric, wrapping paper, etc.) and hang them on the wall. [Photo: Inspired By This]


Faux brick is an interesting way to add an industrial feel to a room
Photo: Design Asylum

20. Faux Brick Wall - This one takes a bit more effort, but it it looks so great once it's finished! Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Design Asylum]


20 Accent Wall Ideas for Apartment-Dwellers (Big Impact, Easy to Undo)
Share this image on Pinterest! [Photo: Apartment Therapy]



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Make It: Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes for your Valentine

by Holly Wade

DIY Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to start making plans. Nothing screams Valentine's Day quite like conversation hearts. They're colorful, they're graphic, and they say something (sorta) meaningful in ten characters or less. But, they taste kinda icky, so this year, I'm combing the classic conversation heart with something we all actually want to eat: chocolate. 

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5 DIYs To Help You Get Organized Using Things You Already Have

by Faith Provencher
5 DIYs To Help Get Organized Using Things You Already Have
Photo: Faith Towers

One of the (many) things that deters me from super getting organized is not wanting to spend a ton of money on storage containers and other organizational items. But then it dawned on me - why don't I use things that I already have make some storage containers? So today I'm sharing five of my favorite upcycled organizational DIYs that you can make from things you probably already have lying around the house.   

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