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Need a Super Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Your Mom will Love? Here’s What to Do

by on May 4, 2020

Photo: Homey oh My

So Mother’s Day is days away, and you’re empty-handed.

Procrastinate much?

JK! There’s no judgment here – I am the absolute worst at planning ahead.

But, let’s not leave our moms thinking we don’t care about them. Instead of panicking and grabbing the first tchotchke that catches your eye on the way home and playing it off as totally intentional, try one of these last-minute gifts your mom will love.

We’ve got you covered with gifts you can order online, simple ways to make a gift of flowers more special, and experiences you can share with your mom that will really make her day.

Ready, set, go – you got this!         

1. Order a Legit-Elegant Gift on Amazon Prime

Besides rescuing me whenever I run out of cat litter (Every. Single. Month.), that speedy 2-day Prime shipping is just perfect for those of us who missed all the blaring commercials warning us of the imminent approach of Mother’s Day. You don’t even have to run around frantically after your workday! 

Image of rose gold speaker
Source: Amazon

1. JONTER Fabric Wireless Bluetooth Round Speaker in Rose Gold

Image of modern planters
Source: Amazon

2. Umbra Trigg Desktop Planter Vase

Image of body scrub
Source: Amazon

3. Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Coco Rose Body Polish / Sugar Scrub

Image of colored wine glasses
Source: Amazon

4. Home Essentials Tuscana Assorted Color 16oz Wine Glasses Set

A ball is sitting on a blue cup.

5. Paddywax Element Collection Scented Soy Wax Candle, Saltwater and Suede

Folded gray and white blanket with orange and white fringe.

6. Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket

2. Try a Modern Spin on Flowers

I don’t mean your regular grocery store bouquet. Well, not without some tweaking. This is the woman who gave you life, you guys, don’t just pick up a bunch of carnations in a plastic sleeve.

Try one of these easy DIY flower arrangements and hacks to make this classic Mom’s Day gift extra special.

scissors and white flowers on cone
Source: Homey Oh My

1. DIY Mini Bouquets by Homey Oh My

Two hands are holding a pink ribbon on a bouquet of purple flowers.
Source: Lemon Thistle

2. Hand-lettered Flower Wraps with Free Printable by Lemon Thistle

The visual instructions for creating flowers with colored tissue
Source: Sugar & Cloth

3. How to Wrap Bouquets in Fabric by Sugar & Cloth

Mother's day gift with white flowers and a pair of scissors
Source: Burkatron

4. Fresh Flower Gift Box by Burkatron

The lower half of a woman in a blue dress holding a bouquet.
Photo: Camille Styles

5. How to Create a Gorgeous Custom Bouquet by Camille Styles

3. Gift your Mom an Experience

They say the best things in life are free. Okay, these last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas are not free, but they are decidedly more special than anything you can order online. Shower your mom with love by creating memories with her.

Most importantly, kids, give your mom your full attention so she knows just how much you appreciate her.

A good time spent with the family in a beautiful park.
Photo: Our Food Stories

1. Pack a Picnic Brunch

Breakfast in bed is just messy. Treat your mama to a meal out in the fresh air instead.

It doesn’t have to be stunningly gorgeous (although, isn’t this just the most inviting breakfast you’ve ever seen?). Prepare some simple foods, grab a few cozy blankets and bottles of rosé, and venture out to a spot in a nearby park or beach.


A woman in a hat is looking out at the water near a bridge.
Photo: Whimsy Soul

2. Take your Mom on a Day Trip

Is there someplace your mom is always talking about going? Maybe she’s been before and raves about how much she enjoyed it, or somewhere new that she’s excited to explore? Take her there!

Pretty much anywhere you live, there is something new to discover within a few hours’ drive. Adventure with your mom, and you’ll be surprised what you can learn about her, too.

A person using her hands to shape some clay.
Photo: Lobster and Swan

3. Sign Up for a Class Together

For the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, spend more time with her! Taking a class is a beautiful way to bond while learning something new. Check your local adult education center or community college for classes ranging from visual arts to poetry, yoga to cooking.

If you aren’t able to commit to a multi-week course, see if they have any workshops instead.

One last tip…

a bouquet of pink flowers next to a candle
Source: Design Create Cultivate

Add a cute printable gift tag! These gorgeous, modern freebies from Design Create Cultivate will make your mom feel extra special.

Last minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas
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What will you be doing with your mom this weekend?

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