10 Creative Kitchen Knife Storage Ideas

10 Creative Kitchen Knife Storage ideas

How do you store knives in your kitchen? Did you know that storing knives in the right way can keep them sharper and looking shinier for longer?

Knife experts agree that knives should be sharpened regularly. They should be clean and dry before you store them. And it’s pretty much chef sacrilege to throw them in a drawer along with your other utensils!

So where should you keep them? A wooden knife block is often the first port of call for stylish kitchen knife storage. It ensures knives are accessible and it looks pretty good too. But it’s not the only option.

If you want to bring a little extra creativity to your kitchen knife storage, check out these great ideas. We’ve included a few DIY projects and some off the shelf options too.


Creative kitchen knife storage to buy or DIY 

10 Creative Ways To Store Your Kitchen Knives

1. Countertop color

Bring a little color to your kitchen counter with this bold and beautiful magnetic strip.

Whether you’re going for country chic or vintage vibes, just change up the pattern and color scheme to match your décor and you can’t go wrong!  Here's the tutorial. [Photo: Going Home To Roost]


2. Pantry staples

Would you believe that everyday pantry ingredients can make an easy but striking way to store kitchen knives?

Just half fill a wide glass vase or jar with dried beans and then stand your knives in it. Check out Migonis Home’s ideas for more pantry staple storage ideas.


10 Creative Ways To Store Your Kitchen Knives

3. Bamboo beauty

Bamboo skewers make a great knife holder too! Take one glass container and fill it with skewers. Your knives will fit snugly in place.

And if plain glass doesn’t fit with your scheme, take the creativity one step further by decorating your glass container. Check out Another Bright Idea for a lovely design idea using just spray paint, ribbon and some patterned paper. 

4. A wooden block with a difference

Take a block of wood, a power tool and a few magnets. What do you get? This beautiful, natural and super stylish magnetic knife storage strip that looks so much more expensive than it really is.

Click here for the full tutorial.

5. See-through style

Once upon a time, this knife storage solution was available at West Elm. But it looks like such a great DIY project!

With a block of wood and some plexiglass, we think it would be easy to recreate the sleek and natural style of this alternative knife block.

[Photo: West Elm]

10 Creative Ways To Store Your Kitchen Knives

6. Up to the hilt

This is one for confident DIYers. But we love this knife storage idea. Knives are inset within the butcher block countertop. It’s statement storage, that’s for sure! 

[Photo: Apartment Therapy]


7. Looking sharp

For those who don’t have counter space, a knife organizer is a great knife storage solution.

Your knives aren’t blunted by other utensils. But you still get to hide them away and reduce the kitchen clutter. Wusthof has some really beautiful wooden options.

10 Creative Ways To Store Your Kitchen Knives

8. DIY drawer storage

If you’d prefer to go down the DIY route, this drawer storage idea is super simple and so easy to recreate. One block offers a safe place for blades to rest whilst the other acts as a handle rest.

Check out the before and afters on the While Wearing Heels website for some wonderful drawer organization inspo!

9. The elegant option

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, now is your chance to add some built-in storage. We love the practicality and simplicity of this pull-out cupboard, with readymade spaces for all of your kitchen knives

10. Perfectly rustic

Another solution for cooks who would rather keep their knives out of sight, these rustic leather roll-ups keep knives safe and sharp.

Whether you’re planning to keep it in your kitchen or want to go gourmet on your next camping trip, this portable knife storage solution will serve you well.


Ready for more home organization ideas?

We hope these great kitchen knife storage ideas have given you some inspiration for your own kitchen.  

For more exciting (but also really practical) home storage ideas, visit the organization section of the Curbly website. Our articles will help you to create a place for everything – from linen to jewelry to that junk that never seems to find a home! 

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