IKEA Hack! Turn a Shower Curtain into an Outdoor Rug

IKEA Hack! Turn a Shower Curtain into an Outdoor Rug

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect pattern for something? Then you see it...but it's the wrong product? That happened to me when I was searching for an outdoor rug, so actually decided I used an IKEA shower curtain to recover an outdoor rug, making a simple statement rug that was exactly what I wanted! Because shower curtains are already waterproof, you can makeover any rug with the pattern from a simple shower curtain. 


Shower curtains made with a plastic-like material are perfect for this project, but keep in mind the size of your rug compared to the size of a shower curtain. If using one like mine from IKEA, you'll notice that it's a little see-through. To make it cover the pattern on my existing rug, I actually used two layers of shower curtain, which I do recommend if using a more transparent shower curtain. You'll have a unique outdoor rug in less than 30 minutes!



Fold the shower curtain in half (if using two layers like I did). Place the rug on top and cut around it with an extra 2 inches of fabric. 


Do this step outside if possible to avoid a mess. Place the rug face up and spray the adhesive all over. Cover with one layer of the shower curtain and press flat, smoothing out any folds. 


Spray the adhesive on the first layer of shower curtain and cover with the second layer, smoothing out any folds. 


Turn the rug over now. Apply hot glue along the edge of the rug and fold over the extra fabric of the shower curtain. 


Fold the corners over and glue. Then repeat with all sides and both layers of the shower curtain until the edges are smooth and glued to the underside of the rug. 

Now your rug is ready for the great outdoors! The smooth shower curtain top also makes it easy to clean so you can simply wipe away dirt and keep your outdoor space looking beautiful all spring and summer.

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Victoria on May 05, 2018:

This is brilliant and I am always having the same problem with colors and patterns I like on the wrong products I need or want..this is so on my to-do list before summer!!
Thank you!!

Anonymous on Apr 29, 2018:

What a great idea.

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