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Conquer Clutter with 44 DIY Jewelry Organizers and Displays You Can Make Yourself

by on Jul 22, 2020

As fun as jewelry is to collect and wear, it can be tricky to figure out how to store all your pieces. If you’re not careful, it can too easily turn into clutter. Home organization stores would love to convince you to run out and spend tons of money on jewelry organizers and storage. But if you’re willing to get a bit crafty, you can easily make your own DIY jewelry organizer or holder to store your jewelry in style.               

The first question is, do you want your jewelry concealed, or on display? You don’t necessarily have to choose–I actually prefer a mix of both. Concealed or out in the open, there are many different options for a DIY jewelry organizer, in terms of looks, functionality, and level of difficulty. So there’s no excuse not to get crafting, and whip your jewelry into shape! 

Quirky DIY Jewelry Organizers

Bust jewelry display
Photo: Design*Sponge

This classical bust is a really fun way to store your favorite necklaces. Get the instructions from Design*Sponge.


Store your earrings on this cool brass pyramid display. Instructions here.


This necklace display pyramid is like a simplified combination of both of the above ideas. See instructions at A Pair and A Spare.


Clever earring organizer
Photo: Real Simple

This idea from Real Simple takes a simple, boxy picture frame and, with some wire and eyelet hooks, turns it into a pretty, free-standing display for your dangly earrings.


DIY earring easel
Photo: Club Crafted

This earring easel will lend a little bit of artistic flair to your jewelry storage. Instructions from Club Crafted.


If you need to store a bunch of bracelets, this bracelet holder has got you covered. Instructions at I Heart Organizing.


Plaster hand jewelry holder
Photo: Fashion Diva Design

I gotta hand it to you, this plaster DIY jewelry organizer is unique. Check out this DIY hand jewelry holder.


Cheese grater earring holder
Source: Curbly

A little turquoise spray paint and some brass hooks for feet…. an old kitchen grater makes for a kitschy and cool earring holder. Unconventional, yes, but we LOVE the unconventional holders here at Curbly. Just be careful you don’t cut your fingers.


Deer antler organizer
Photo: Pinterest

Someone took a set of ANTLERS, painted the tips metallic gold and added glitter! She stores her turquoise jewelry on the horns. Totally unique!


DIY Wire and Frame Earring Display
Photo: Calico Skies

This DIY wire and frame earring display is a cinch to create, and can be leaned up against the wall.


Jewelry organizer from thrifted table
Photo: Curbly

This display was crafted from… a table? Read more about Curbly’s own DIY jewelry organizer from a secondhand table.


Jewelry organization tips
Photo: Pinterest

So many great ideas in this picture! I love using a radiator grate within an antique frame for hanging storage, and the vintage pedestal tray is a lovely way to display pretty bracelets and rings. Which brings us to our next section…


Tiered Jewelry Organizers

DIY jewelry organizer
Photo: Acute Designs

Turn vintage dishes and candlesticks into a charming jewelry stand. Instructions here


This tiered organizer was assembled from a few dollars-worth of thrift store finds by Confession of a Serial DIYer


This Curbly project makes clever use of an egg plate for organizing earrings. Get the instructions here


Cake stand jewelry holder
Photo: Sarah Ortega

A simple DIY jewelry organizer – DIY cake stand jewelry dish.


Wall Jewelry Displays

This pretty blue and gold jewelry organizer from The Homes I Have Made is a striking way to display jewelry. 


Minimal wall-hanging necklace holder
Photo: Fashion Lush

This minimalist necklace holder is so easy to make that it barely needs directions, but here they are


Jewelry organizer from branch
Photo: Julie Ann Art

A similar take, this time using a branch. Get the instructions for this branch jewelry holder DIY here.


Driftwood jewelry holder
Photo: Visibly Moved

Erin took a piece of driftwood from a trip to the beach and added mismatched decorative knobs for a pretty and sentimental way to hang her necklaces.


Branch accessory organizer
Photo: Pinterest

How about a literal jewelry tree? Someone used copper wiring to unite several small branches for a natural and rustic way to display her necklaces (love the agate one!).


Wall-mounted jewelry organizer
Photo: Hello Beauty

All you need for this simple jewelry organizer are fabric, staples, a corkboard, and some tacks. Get the instructions from Hello Beauty.


Type set jewelry organizer
Photo:  Tonya Staab

This organizer was made from a recycled type set box. Tonya found an old type tray, and turned it into a rustic and charming jewelry station. She added hooks beneath to store long necklaces. See how it came together here


This simple wall-mounted jewelry organizer has tons of possibilities for what you can store on it. Dream a Little Bigger has the full instructions.


Give all your jewelry a home together with this wall organizer from Sugar Bee Crafts.


Decorative metal jewelry holder
Photo: BHG

A frame and decorative piece of metal come together for this simple organizer


DIY Framed Knobs and Fabric-Covered Cork Jewelry Holder
Photo: BHG

These DIY framed knobs and fabric-covered cork jewelry holders look really easy to make. Simply frame pieces of cork tiles, and use hot glue to affix knobs for hanging necklaces.


Lace jewelry organizer
Photo: Mr. Kate

Lovely lace and a frame make for this useful earring holder. Check out this DIY framed lace jewelry display.


How to make wine cork jewelry holder
Photo: Mr. Kate

Ever wondered how to make a wine cork jewelry holder? Mr. Kate has an answer for that, too.


DIY Paper-Covered Cork Board Jewelry Organizer
Photo: BHG

This DIY paper-covered cork board jewelry organizer is an easy transformation to create yourself. Simply use an existing cork board, and cover in paper or paint. Add a couple of pushpins, and you’ve got yourself a jewelry organizer!


Do it yourself jewelry storage
Photo:  Monaluna

White paint, a frame, a wood board, and some hooks. Jewelry organization done. Find the directions here.


DIY Shadowbox Jewelry Organizer
Photo: Martha Stewart

Turn a curio shelf into a DIY shadowbox jewelry organizer with this tutorial.


Cutlery organizer used as jewelry holder
Photo: Mini Manor Blog

Wooden cutlery trays with added hooks make the perfect dividers for necklaces, bracelets and rings. I love how Ashli uses top section as a ledge for chunkier items.


DIY Jewelry Organizer
Photo: Twinkle and Twine

Rebekah put together this great combination of elements for the ultimate jewelry organizer. She  lined a picture frame with aluminum screen and hung a small coat rack beneath it.  She even added extra knobs for more storage.


Jewelry pegboard
Photo: Curbly

The jewelry pegboard: a perfectly simple way to keep track of your accessories.


DIY Pegboard Jewelry Station
Photo: The 36th AVENUE

While you’re organizing your jewelry, why not tackle all your accessories? That’s what  Desirée from The 36th AVENUE did when she made this DIY pegboard jewelry station.


Hidden Jewelry Storage

Hidden jewelry storage
Photo: Shanty 2 Chic

Stash your jewelry behind a mirrored cabinet. Get the instructions here.


Jewelry organizer hidden behind painting
Photo: Design*Sponge

Keep everyone guessing where you keep your valuables by hiding your jewelry behind a painting. Instructions from Design*Sponge.


Another take on the jewelry-hidden-behind-a-mirror idea, with full instructions here.  


DIY jewelry organizer
Photo: Rachel Jacks

I’m definitely biased, but I really like how my hidden earring organizer turned out. Instructions at DIY in PDX


Whisper Wood Cottage | Vintage cabinet makeover
Photo: Whisper Wood Cottage

Okay, while not technically a DIY everyone can do, I had to share this one. Amy turned a vintage medical cabinet into a vanity. She even hangs her necklaces from the bunsen burner stand!


Ring Storage

This box is shown storing earrings, but it would work equally well for ring storage. Instructions here


Cone ring display
Photo: Rachel Jacks

These concrete ring cones are one of my most popular projects. Get the instructions at DIY in PDX.


Cute cat ring display
Photo: Michaels

This cute little tabby cat ring dish would be perfect for the cat ladies out there. Instructions from Michaels.


DIY jewelry organizer roundup
Share this roundup on Pinterest!



Didn’t find a DIY jewelry organizer you liked on this list? Here’s a bonus tutorial! 

Wooden jewelry organizer


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