How to make a jewelry pegboard.

created on: 07/28/08

I grew tired of not wearing my jewelry because I couldn’t find it in my jewelry box. A display pegboard seemed like a good alternative to the messy box.

Props you’ll need:

  • a large wooden frame (I used an 16" by 20")
  • a piece of MDF veneer or plywood to fit inside the frame. (I used a piece of 1/4" scrap pre-finished MDF maple veneer leftover from a kitchen remodel we did awhile back. But you could cover a less-than-perfect piece of plywood with decorative paper, wall paper, paint, etc.)
  • 1 - 30 count package of 1" x 3/8" wooden axel pegs (I found mine at my craft store.)
  • a drill and a drill bit to fit the diameter of the peg. (I used a #3 or .213 diameter bit, which is about 3/16)
  • saw, hammer and small nails or stapler
  • tape measure, pencil & tape
  • wood glue, optional

Procedures you’ll take:

Cut to size and thenfix your finished MDF veneer or plywood into the back of your frame with staples and/or small nails.


created on: 07/28/08

created on: 07/28/08

Using the tape measure and pencil, measure and mark a grid of 30 points evenly across the face of the plywood. (I put 5 across and 6 down for a total of 30.)

Next, using your drill and 3/8" bit, drill your holes.

created on: 07/28/08

Put a piece of tape over the head of your hammer (to prevent marring the axel peg heads) and then gently tap in the axel pegs into the holes until their backs are flush with the back of the plywood. My pegs fit snugly, so I didn’t need glue. However, if your’s are loose, you’ll want to use a little wood glue to keep them secure. (I didn’t bother to put a finish on my pegs as they blended perfectly with the maple veneer.)

created on: 07/28/08

Once the pegs are in place, you’re done! I chose to keep the colors of the pegboard simple in an effort to show off my jewelry.

created on: 07/28/08


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Barbara on Apr 21, 2013:

this is really nice, and very well made! great job! :) if you don't mind a suggestion: if you don't want the necklaces to overlap, you can arrange each row of pegs with a delay :) 

I also made my own small diy earring holder, please have a look at:



Cassandra on Apr 14, 2010:

Oh I could really use something like this! I have so much jewelry... much of it is in a drawer and never gets worn (out of sight, out of mind). Such a shame!

Do you have any other ideas for storing/showing off jewelry??


DIY Maven on Aug 04, 2008:

Thanks SG! beccajo made one using metal screen a while back and posted her instructions. Here's a link.


sillygirl on Aug 03, 2008:

ooooOOOooo looks very nice! I've been planning on making a similar thing (of course by planning, I mean I've had the idea for over a year but neither time nor materials); but instead of wood and pegs I'm going to use a metal screen and a variety of little S-hooks and things. Same concept, more deconstructed look (aka less noticable where I mess up). I'll try and take pictures when I finally get around to it... I just hope it turns out as nicely as yours! Good Job :)

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