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Make a DIY Fire Pit this Weekend With One of These 61 Fire Pit Ideas

by on Apr 13, 2021

Does the need to sit around a fire outside go back to our days as cave-dwellers? Probably, but we have way better stuff to roast over the fire now, and beer to drink with it. Just like our pre-historic ancestors (except with access to hardware stores, and power tools, and computers), you can make your own DIY backyard fire ring with these tutorials on how to build a DIY fire pit.       

If you’ve ever tried to make s’mores in the microwave, I don’t have to tell you that sometimes there’s no substitute for real fire. For safety reasons, a lot of areas require that fires be contained in structures (check your local laws), so if you want regular access to fresh s’mores, you might need a backyard fire pit. You can buy a pre-made one, or you can use these many tutorials for how to build a fire pit, and save yourself some serious cash. 

DIY Fire Pit Ideas to Try This Weekend

A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: Dewey302

1. Fire Pit from Concrete Tree Rings – This economical design is easy to put together, and you can take it with you if you move. 


2. Stone Fire Pit – A beautiful stone fire pit design that would be appropriate for many house styles.


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: Dethanb

3. Fire Pit Table – This one requires some backyard metal-working skills, but there’s no time like the present to learn to weld, right?


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: DIY Network

4. Stone Fire Pit – Another beautiful version of a natural stone fire pit.


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: Daniela Marie

5. Two-Tone Fire Pit – This stylish DIY fire ring was made for the low, low price of ONLY $80! 


6. Polished Concrete Fire Pit Table – Don’t have room for both a table and a fire ring? Combine the two with this DIY fire pit table.


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: Carole Knits

7. Cinder Block Fire Pit – Use cinder blocks and cement mix to create an economical square stone fire pit. 


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: HomeMade Modern

8. Concrete Fire Pit – This sleek, modern DIY fire pit is entirely cast from concrete.


9. Fire Pit Coffee Table – Keep warm by burning a little bit of gas in this wood and concrete coffee table DIY fire pit.


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: Dans de Lakehouse

10. Welded Fire Pit – This steel DIY fire pit is simple and modern.


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: Family Handyman

11. Stone Fire Ring – This sturdy stone fire pit is another design built from stone retaining wall blocks.


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: Toolboxdivas

12. Halloween Jack O’Lantern Fire Pit – Halloween is coming up sooner than you expect, and this unique pumpkin fire pit would be a cool way to decorate.


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: HomeMade Modern

13. Steel Fire Pit – Another one that requires welding, but the results sure are stunning.


A DIY fire pit is just what your backyard needs this summer, and here are 15 ways to build your own. #firepit #diyfirepit
Source: HGTV

14. Afternoon Fire Pit – This simple stone fire pit can be built in an afternoon.


15. Fire Pit Table Top – Once you’ve built a fire pit, you might want to add a top so that you can use it as a table when it’s not hosting a fire. 


More DIY Backyard Fire Pit Designs

Contributed by Capree Kimball


concrete diy fire pit design
Source: Manade DIY

16. DIY Modern Concrete Fire Pit – Chris, Curbly’s own editor-in-chief, came up with this great DIY concrete fire pit design using about $40 in materials.

Concrete fire feature
Source: DIY Network

17. DIY Concrete and Stone Fire Pit – Inexpensive to make, and can be done in just one day!


Concrete fire pit bowl
Source: Hunker

18. DIY Concrete Fire Pit Bowl – A slightly different take on #16. 


Welded fire pit
Source: The Brick House

19. Modern DIY Steel Fire Pit – Got some welding skills?


DIY fire pit and seating area
Source: The Loveland9



20. DIY Block Fire Pit and Seating Area – You gotta sit on something around that fire!


DIY Fire Pit
Source: Ink Rust and Sawdust

21. DIY Concrete and Metal Fire Pit – This one doesn’t have step-by-step photos, but it’s good inspiration!


Upcycled washer bin fire pit
Source: House & Fig



22. Modern Upcycled Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit – Can you believe this used to be a washing machine drum??


Mother's Day fire pit
Source: Divinely Gifted

23. DIY Square Stone Fire Pit – A simple square DIY fire pit that can be built in an afternoon.


Personal fire pit
Source: The Art of Doing Stuff



24. Sleek DIY Outdoor Fire Feature – If you want outdoor fire but don’t have a ton of space, consider making a personal fire feature like this one.


Conversation area
Source: The Collected Interior

25. DIY Fire Pit and Conversation Area – How sweet is this little outdoor seating area?



Washing machine fire pit
Source:  Instructables

26. DIY Upcycled Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit – Another washing machine drum fire pit, proving it can be done!


In-ground fire pit
Source: Lowes

27. DIY Brick and Paver Fire Pit – How slick is this in-ground fire pit?


Propane fire pit
Source: DIY Network

28. DIY Propane-Fueled Fire Pit – This one is a bit more intense, but if you’re interested in building a wood-free fire pit, this is the tutorial for you.



Cool and compact fire pit
Source:  Instructables

29. DIY Steel Fire Pit – Cool and compact.


image not showing.
Source: A Beautiful Mess

30. Fire Pit in Four Steps – First time fire pit builder? Here’s how to make this one in four easy steps. 


Skim-coated fire pit
Source: Oh The Potential

31. Skim-Coated Cinder Block Fire Pit – Would you have guessed that this fire pit was initially made out of cinder blocks? Learn how to skim-coat to create this clean look.


31 fire pits you can make this weekend
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Now that you have lots of ideas for how to build a fire pit, are you ready to create your own DIY fire pit this weekend? This could be the summer of backyard s’mores and wiener roasts!

Have you ever made your own fire pit? What materials did you use? Share your DIY fire pit ideas and tips in the comments!





Eye Candy: 30 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas that will Make You Jealous

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to update your backyard for barbecues and outdoor get-togethers! If you need a little inspiration or just want to gawk at gorgeous backyards, these 30 outdoor fire pits and fireplaces will make you incredibly jealous.


1. This ultra cozy outdoor fireplace with layered textiles looks like a comfortable setting. [Photo: Mikkel Vang via Domino]

2. Krista Ewart’s beautifully tiled outdoor fireplace in LA is a dream. [Photo: Douglas Friedman via House Beautiful]

3. Peter Dunham’s white brick outdoor fireplace with couch seating embodies California. [Photo: Victoria Pearson/Sam Frost via My Domaine]

4. This is a beautifully simple outdoor  area designed by Judy Kameon. [Photo: Melanie Acevedo via Domino]

5. A mid-century inspired sunken outdoor seating area will transport you back to the 60s. [Photo by Mike Sinclair via Dwell]

Outdoor Fire Pits that will Make You Jealous
Photo: BHG

6. A cement fireplace adds an industrial element. [Photo: Better Homes & Gardens]

Outdoor Fire Pits that will Make You Jealous
Photo: Dwell

7. This transitional indoor-outdoor living space is incredibly inviting. [Photo: Dwell]

Outdoor Fire Pits that will Make You Jealous
Photo: BHG

8. A portable fire pit makes it easy to update your outdoor space. [Photo: Better Homes & Gardens]

9. This outdoor fire pit with large rocks adds texture to the space. [Photo: Patrick Cline for Hillary Thomas]

10. An ultra-modern outdoor fireplace designed by Andrea Cochran completes a cozy patio in San Francisco. [Photo: Marion Brenner via Houzz]

11 . A tile wall and stainless steel outdoor fire pit make a big statement. [Photo: Anthony Leavitt via Dwell]

12. Classic white fireplace with herringbone tiles are a beautiful centerpiece in the Bay Area. [Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck via Style Me Pretty]

13. Courtney Cox’s Malibu beach fireplace and seating area surrounded by glass looks incredible. [Photo: Simon Upton via Elle Decor]

14. Large bluestone tiles frame this modern fireplace. [Photo: Ikaria Living via HGTV]

15. This Moroccan tiled fireplace designed by Liz Strong in Los Angeles pops against white brick. [Photo: David Tsay via Coastal Living]

16. This outdoor seating area comes with mountain views. [Photo: Joe Fletcher via Luxe]

17. An outdoor brick fireplace with built-in firewood storage in Melbourne, Australia allows for a lot of seating. [Photo: Shannon McGrath via Gardenista]

18. This rustic outdoor living space gives off lots of cozy vibes. [Photo: Lindgren Landscape via HGTV]

19. A rooftop deck fireplace in upstate New York is the ultimate hang-out spot. [Photo: Melanie Acevedo via House Beautiful]

Outdoor Fire Pits that will Make You Jealous
Photo:  Thistle Wood Farms

20. This outdoor entertaining space in Nashville makes the outside feel just like the inside. [Photo:  Thistle Wood Farms]

21. Having a tabletop fire pit on the lakefront makes your patio the perfect place for a meal. [Photo: Geolette Hommas via]

22. Make your own fire pit with tree stump seating. [Photo: Marion Brenner via Martha Stewart]

23. An Atlanta bright white fireplace is the center of a cozy seating area. [Photo: Pieter Estersohn via Architectural Digest]

24. This fireplace in Alabama is closed in by a screened-in porch for maximum comfort. [Photo: Brian Woodcock via Country Living]

25. Create your perfect outdoor space with a DIY modern fireplace. [Photo: Chris Loves Julia]

26. A thin brick fireplace is surrounded by bright accents. [Photo: Chip Wade via Martha Stewart]

27. Wood seating surrounds this outdoor fire pit in the countryside. [Photo: Eric Perry via DIY Network]

28. Sit around this beautiful fire pit with low bench seating. [Photo: Thomas J. Story via Sunset]

29. A stucco mission-style fireplace designed by Isabelle Dahlin adds tons of character. [Photo: Max Kim-Bee via Country Living]

Outdoor Fire Pits that will Make You Jealous
Photo: Midwest Living

30. This cozy three-sided fireplace keeps you warm no matter where you sit. [Photo: Midwest Living]

I hope this outdoor decor inspiration makes you curious to start a new project this season!

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    Exposing metal not intended for extreme heat to flame can cause hazardous metal fumes to be released including: zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, chromium, or cadmium. You want to be careful about proposing DIY ideas that involve using metal items (washing machine drums, wheel barrows, bowls) not intended for use with flame. It could cause unintended harm to your readers. 

  2. Ryan

    Most info I just googled about metal fumes related to welding of metal, which does not apply here. Yes I admit that most metal items are coated in paints or zinc type galvanizing processes to help avoid corrosion, so care must be taken when repurposing such items for high heat applications. Your comment would have been much more helpful if it were just friendly and informative and not so judgmental and condescending. Washing your toilet improperly can also cause unintended harm. Spread knowledge not fear. 🙂

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    My daughter was hospitalized after inhaling the toxic fumes from a fire pit made from an old washing machine tub :- Be careful while having fun and become an informed do it yourselfer

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