Smartest Bathroom Makeover Ever

Smartest Bathroom Makeover Ever

Marla and Colin's small full bathroom had issues. Besides only having one sink, the floor slanted which resulted in tub water not draining, the lighting was bad and the drop down ceiling made things a little "close". They (wisely) took a year to save and plan. Here's how the project played out.First, the fun part: Demo.


Extra space was revealed when the ceiling came down.

What can't you do with a Sawzall?



Since they planned and saved ahead of time, they were able to purchase items on sale and with coupons. Also, Marla's advice is to have someone helping who really knows what they're doing. This was her dad. Aren't parents just great?! Read the full post here.




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ModHomeEcTeacher on Dec 18, 2010:

Larry-I was at Lowes thinking about your scaffold table. I need a long sewing table for a studio I'm opening. I'd like it to be on wheels that can lock but I can't think of what to use for the legs/frame. It needs to accomodate people pulling up with their legs under the table so they can sew. I can either do individual tables or one long one.

Larry Vashon on Dec 18, 2010:

Great work. The big thing scaring me is the tilework. I did my floors but I didn't have to rip anything up to lay the tiles. Gutting our whole main bathroom is daunting. If I want it done I have to do it myself though, good tradesmen are scarce where I live. Most are just transients that don't really have a reputation to maintain.

elseajane on Dec 13, 2010:

How neat both baths today turned out. I am planning that big remodel rught now for the spring time. I do like that corner sink in the before of this one.

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