My Bathroom Remodel--Before and After


We started this bathroom remodel last summer, and since it's been done for months, I thought it was about time to post some pics!


The morning we decided to start the project, MWT got right to work. He had the room mostly gutted by the time I pulled out my camera. Although, this is a shot of what it pretty much looked like before.


Here it is after about 15 minutes of work! We pulled out the light fixture, vanity and tile. We chose to keep the toilet and the bathtub, both of which were in very good condition.


Here's a shot of the tub after we removed the old tile and smoothed out the new durarock we installed.


MWT made the vanity and the mirror. We based our design on one we found in a local big box store. Their version was constructed rather poorly and not out of real wood either! We did like the marble vanity top and bowl sink, however, which were paired up with the store-bought version. MWT made our vanity to fit the store bought top and sink perfectly.

created at: 2009-08-19


We used 13" x 13" tiles on the floor (with bullnose mopboard) and smaller 6.5" x 6.5" on the wall with some smaller 3" mosaic tiles to break things up and add a little interest. One of our 'splurges' was the shower head/faucet which matches the sink faucet.


Another indulgence was the drawer pulls. Made of solid bronze, they were 17 bucks a pop. If we'd of had more than 2 drawers, we might have passed on them!


We chose to install a wooden Roman shade, which we customized like we did in this old tute.


All in all, I love the minimal look and the calm, spa-like vibe I get from it. 

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