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How To Make a No-Sew Holiday Dog Bed

by on Dec 17, 2008

While you’ve got your materials handy for these hand printed fleece scarves, it will only take you about an hour to put together this well-deserved holiday gift for your hard working canine companion. 

 With two standard bed pillows and one yard of fleece, this no sew, custom cushion will let your dog know how much you care.  For cleaning, simply untie the fringe opening, wash or replace inexpensive bed pillows and tie it back up. What you need….

  • 1 yard of fleece
  • 2 standard bed pillows (2.99 each at a local superstore)
  • scissors
  • ruler, chalk
  • fabric paint, stencils and sponge brush
created on: 12/17/08

Here’s how simple this is:

1.  Fold fleece in half and cut off curled selvages

2.  Measure 4 ” in from the cut edges and lightly mark

3.  Cut each cut edge into 1″ x 4″ fringe

created on: 12/17/08

4.  Stencil your desired design or name on the corner with fabric paint.

created on: 12/17/08

5. When paint is dry, turn fabric inside out and tie knots all around, leaving a 14″ opening.

created on: 12/17/08

6.  Turn right side out and fill with two bed pillows.

created on: 12/17/08

7. Tie the remaining fringe pieces and tuck them inside the cover.

 There you have it. One hour! 

For an added treat, throw in a lavender sachet to ward off fleas and keep your pet’s new lounger fresh smelling.

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  1. My 11-year-old daughter and I made a dog bed this afternoon. We used 2 yards of felt and the bed is just big enough for our 75 lb dog.  Thanks for the idea!!

  2. I just did this for my uncles dog! It is so easy, though I did it with the braid method! Great tutorial! =)

  3. To get a “fringe edge”, do not turn the fabric inside out before tying…cute!