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Curbly Recession Busters: How To Spruce Up Your Own Digs For The Holidays

by on Oct 29, 2008


created on: 10/29/08

  It’s the time of year you turn a critical eye to the interior to see what needs to be spruced up.  Preparing for a packed house on Thanksgiving is a sure fire motivator to plow through a To Do list in record time.

This year you may want to rethink the outlay of money to get the house looking top notch.  You can save loads of dough by doing most  jobs yourself.  If, for some unknown reason, you don’t really know how to do some of these basic things, here’s a compilation of tutorials for everything.  When it comes to the cooking, you’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

1.  Give everything a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.  You’ll get an instant boost of feeling in control.

2.  Get down and clean that disgusting carpet.  Clean carpet is really a necessity.

3.  Nothing says  “good housekeeper” like sparkling windows and doors.

4.  Deck out your kitchen cabinets with some new jewelry. New cabinet hardware may take your mind off less than lovely cabinets.

5.  A guarnateed  “game changer” is a collection of newly covered throw pillows. Grab some graphic fabric napkins at World Market for a custom look.

6.  A friend of mine has gone from doing her own room painting to hiring it out.  I say save the money, this job can be kind of relaxing and most gratifying.

7.  Having guests stay overnight? Sew a custom shower curtain for the guest bathroom.  There’s plenty of time to learn how and your own design will be a hit.

8.  Add some bright paint to an old dresser for a fresh look.

9.  Think outside of the traditional Thanksgiving colors and make your own Thanksgiving table decorations.  I always am doing this at the last minute but it never fails to make a big splash.

10. Frame some jazzy fabric for new wall art in the kitchen.  It’s an instant visual makeover.


11.  A good old fashioned cleaning of the wood floors is a necessity.




12. Another instant update is a newly upholstered side chair.


13.  If the guest bedroom needs an inexpensive headboard, get some ideas from this Off-the-Wall headboard built right onto the drywall.


14.  Slouchy cushions can easily be fixed and updated with this SIMPLE tutorial on mock tufting. Guests may think you have a new sofa or loveseat.


15.  Quickly recover a stool with a new fabric.


I’ll accept any questions except those regarding the feast.

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