DIY Halloween Costume: Purple Rain

Prince Purple Rain Costume

It would be a shame to leave a Prince-themed costume out of our DIY costume repertoire this Halloween, for three compelling reasons:


1. Everyone admires Prince.

2. We live in Minneapolis, a city that holds Prince in its heart.

3. He epitomizes what it means to be an artist. He is a legend.  


So this Halloween, we're paying tribute to Prince with a Purple Rain-inspired costume. Read on to find out what we did...


  • Sunhat - we ordered this one because it's large and white.
  • Poly-Fil Polyester Fiber
  • Purple satin ribbon
  • Purple glitter paper   
  • Glue gun


Shape small balls out of the Poly-fil and attach them to your hat with a glue gun. To be most cloud-like, your balls should range in size of about a baseball to a softball. 




Cut raindrops out of your glitter paper. We stacked two sheets of glitter paper and cut so that our drops could be glued together with a sparkly side out. 


Cut ribbon in varying lengths (ours were about 2-3 feet long).


Using your hot glue gun, put a dab of glue on the inside (no-glitter side) of a raindrop, place your ribbon down the center of the drop and place the matching raindrop on top to make a completely glittery raindrop. Repeat, spacing your raindrops as you like.



Sew one end of your ribbon-y raindrops to your hat. Repeat.


Prince purple rain costume

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What's your genius costume idea this year?

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