Eye-Popping IKEA IVAR Cabinet Makeover

IKEA IVAR Cabinet before
Photo: IKEA

This isn't the first time Anika's IKEA IVAR cabinet has undergone a transformation. The first time involved a can of white spray paint and knobs that matched those in her kitchen, as she used it as an extension  of her countertop. Here's what it looked like after it's first makeover:

IKEA IVAR cabinet after its first makeover
Photo: Anika's DIY Life

For its second makeover, Anika pulled out all the stops. Juicy red paint (specifically, Red Bush by Olympic), gold spray paint and some very sexy mid-century modern chevron cabinet pulls and a vision what it took to make the old IVAR into this beauty:

IKEA IVAR cabinet after its second makeover
Photo: Anika's DIY Life

To read more about the project and to see detailed pictures of the transformation, visit Anika's DIY Life. 

IKEA IVAR Cabinet Makeover [Anika's DIY Life]

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