Roundup: 10 Indoor Plants With Serious Style


Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
Chinese Evergreen
Source: Design Sponge

Springtime is here and while it might not yet be warm outside, most of us are experiencing sunnier days. While you are waiting for a little warmer weather to get outside and plant your flowerbeds, start your green thumb indoors. Here are ten indoor plants that can make a stylish statement in any space.       

1. The Chinese Evergreen is a large-leaf, lower lying plant does well in a room with lower light. Only water a Chinese Evergreen when the soil is dry.


Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
Rubber Plant
Source: Emma Dime

2. The Rubber Plant: These plants can last a long time and become tall. They need indirect bright light and need water when the soil is dry.


Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
Money Tree
Source: Sugar Plum

3. Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica): My hubby just bought me a tiny version of this plant and my goal is to grow it tall like the one in the above photo. It needs low to medium light with wet soil consistently.

Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
Snake Plant
Source: Brittany Makes

4. Snake plants are very durable plants and go a long time without water. They also require low to medium light. This might be my next plant purchase because low maintenance plants are my kinda plant.


Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
Boston Fern
Source: Apartment Therapy

5. Boston Fern is a great hanging plant and can give some serious visual impact to a room. This plant can be a statement piece, but is a little "diva-ish" in the watering and pruning department. The plant needs indirect sun and a humid environment. The Boston fern is also known to be one of the best air purifiers in the plant world. Here is the best explanation I could find on how to care for this plant. 


Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
Aloe Vera
Source: Stylizimoblog.com

6. Aloe Vera Plant is a useful plant and also one that has survived in my home for about a year so far. Because the soil needs to dry between waterings you don't have to water the aloe vera plant often. It needs sunlight, but indirect is better. It is a useful plant for natural home remedies. For example, if you get burned... snap a leaf and rub the aloe on the burn.


Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
Calathea Plant
Source: happy interior blog

7. The Calathea unique designs of green on its leaves. Some leaves can even have little pops of color. I have no experience with this plant, but I admire it when I see it in interior photos. Most experts say watering after the soil is dry and adding a little fertilizer every month helps.  It thrives in medium light and some shade.

Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
String of Pearls
Source: casa-atelier via Saladdays.ca

8.  String of Pearls is elegant the way it drapes. It is unique because of the little beads that grow on it's vines instead of leaves. String of pearls need to be in a place with lots of bright sun, but you only water it when the soil has dried. Supposedly, it can be toxic, so maybe skip this one if you have small kids or pets that might eat your plants. The plant can be potted but is also really pretty hanging plant.


Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
Birds Nest Fern
Source: Found and Kept

9. Birds Nest Fern: These cuties, on the other hand, are in fact pet safe. They need indirect sunlight, and also need humidity. If you live in a humid place, this could be the plant for you. As far as watering, keep the soil moist.


Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants
Fiddle Fig Leaf
Source: Style Me Pretty

10. The Fiddle Fig Leaf has become the "indoor plant darling" of interior design, home decor, and styling. It deserves it...it is a stunning plant. Style Me Pretty has a pretty comprehensive list of how to keep one thriving in your home.

Roundup: 10 Stylish Indoor plants

Indoor plants can impact a room like a piece of art while also upgrading the air quality of your home and last for years. If you buy them small they can be quite affordable. I am new at the indoor plant adventure, but if I can do it...you can too.

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Emma Metson on Aug 02, 2017:

I am a big fan of Snake Plants! They look awesome, and are just so easy to care for!

Great post Jennifer, thank you for sharing :)

Jennifer Farley on Mar 29, 2016:

@sooz I followed the source link and it looks like the owner bought it on Ebay. I found similar ones there if you search Macrame plant hanger. Etsy might have a pattern.

sooz on Mar 29, 2016:

I really like the macrame hanging on the Boston Fern plant. Do you know where I can get the pattern?

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