Make This: Hanging Fabric Planter

DIY hanging fabric planter to organize your indoor greenery

I was recently reading an article on how millennials are especially attracted to houseplants as it gives them something to care for since they can't really afford to care for anything else (the article is here if you're interested). As a millennial, you can count me in as slightly offended but also totally in agreement. My home is slowly being filled with all things leafy and green - I just can't help myself. With all these plants comes the need for somewhere to put them, so let's take to the walls with this DIY hanging fabric planter.         



What you'll need to make this hanging fabric planter


  • Utility fabric (about a yard)
  • Scrap leather
  • Two grommets and appropriate tools (i.e. grommet kit and hammer)
  • Utility thread*
  • Sewing machine and notions
  • Gorilla glue
  • Quart-sized plastic bags
  • River rock or small pebbles
  • Potting soil
* Make sure to test the tension of your sewing machine before you begin, as you may need to adjust for a heavier thread type. To do this, sew on a scrap piece of fabric and adjust the tension as needed to get nice, even stitches. If the lower thread is buldging out of the top of the fabric, lower the tension. If the upper thread is showing through the back of the fabric, increase the tension.  


Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 1

This hanging fabric planter consists of four pieces of fabric: The body, and the three pockets. Cut an 18 x 27 inch piece of the utility fabric for the body, and three 12 x 8 inch pieces for the pockets. 


Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 2

Fold the body piece in half lengthwise. Stitch along the top and the open side. Flip inside out, fold the raw edge in 1/4 inch, and stitch across the opening. Iron this piece of fabric flat.


Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 3

Iron all sides of each pocket piece in 1/4 inch. Hem all sides of each pocket with a straight stitch.


Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 4

Lay one of the pocket pieces across the bottom of the body, with the 12-inch side running parallel with the bottom of the body. Pin each edge of the pocket about 1/4 inch in from the edge of the body. Stitch down the sides of the pocket, attaching it to the body. The pocket should stick out from the body, like a loop would.

Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 4

Next, accordion-fold the edges of the pocket, and pin the fold flat. Stitch straight across the bottom of the pocket. 

Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 4

Repeat this process for the other two pockets. Space them out evenly, leaving excess at the top of the wall hanging. 


Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 5

Add two grommets to the top of the wall hanging, one on each side.


Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 6

Cut strips of leather to decorate the pockets using Gorilla Glue and water (water is needed for this type of glue to activate). Use heavy objects - like large books or paper weights - to hold the leather in place while it dries. 

To hang, you can hook the grommets over some wall-mounted hooks, or you can add leather loops tied at the top (like I did) and mount the loops on the wall.


Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 7

Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 7

Done with the hanging fabric planter part, now on to the plants! Take a plastic bag, and cut the zipper closure off. Turn the edges of the bag down. Fill the bottom of the bag with river rock or small pebbles to allow for drainage.


Hanging Fabric Planter | Step 8

Add a plant, and fill in any remaining bag space with potting soil. Turn the edge of the bag back up. Your plant is now ready for its new pocket-sized home.

Make this simple fabric hanging planter

How to make a fabric hanging planter

DIY fabric hanging planter

DIY fabric hanging planter

If you're particularly worried about drainage and root rot, you could always poke some holes in the bottom of the plastic bags and take them out of the hanging fabric planter before watering. Otherwise the small rocks layering the bottom should keep the roots well ventilated.  

Look at those greens!

Do your plants drive you up a wall? If not, learn how to make this DIY hanging fabric planter!
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These plants are hanging right next to my desk at the office, which really brightens up my workspace. Plus having them in close proximity means I hopefully won't forget to water them!


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