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Roundup: 10 Ceiling Fan Updates For Your Rental

by on Mar 8, 2016

Source: Little Green Notebook

I you live in a rental and have an ugly ceiling fan, or maybe just a plain one, here are some easy ways to update your rental ceiling fan.   

1. Take off the shades and add some fun bulbs. I love the look of these oversized white light bulbs. They give a plain white fan a modern monochromatic look.

Roundup: Updated Rental Ceiling Fan
Source: This Old House

2. Add clear shades and vintage light bulbs. The vintage bulb and clear modern shade can make a plain old fan something special.

Roundup Updated Rental Ceiling Fan
Source: Crazy Wonderful

3. Add cage bulb covers. You can buy these at most home improvement stores. This will give your fan an industrial look.

4. Add a little bit of Washi Tape to make a fun fan.

5. Add a little more Washi tape to make an even more graphic fan. I am sure the pattern this makes when spinning is kind of fun too.

Roundup: Updated Rental Ceiling Fan
Source: House Tweaking

6. If you want a statement fan, how about adding a DIY capiz shell chandelier?

7. If your fan blade need a little update you could could fully cover them with contact paper. I like how this plain fan became a two-tone fan with a little wood-look contact paper.

8. Buy a fancy light kit and take it with you in your next rental. Again, you might have to ask your landlord on this one, or maybe be the person who figures out the DIY with the store-bought pendant models.

9. Step up your fancy and embrace the 80’s gold finished fan with a crystal chandelier attachment. This attachment was purchased but it could be easily DIYable with some store-bought crystals and some spray painted lamp shade hoops.

Roundup: Updated Rental Ceiling Fan

10. Add a drum shade. This one is not a new idea but it is a classic good easy update to remember.

Roundup: Updated Ceiling Fan Rental
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