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10 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Feel More High End

by on Sep 24, 2015

Photo: My Domaine

Not everybody can afford to have a house that looks like it belongs in Architectural Digest, but there are ways that you can add some luxe details to your space to make it feel more expensive. Give your home that high end feel without the high price tag with these ten easy tips.
Photo: Good Housekeeping

1. Triptych Art – Turn any large scale art poster or drawing into a triptych. There’s something about this format that screams “I’m expensive.” Check out this and eight other tips on how to upgrade your space over at Good Housekeeping.
Photo: Freshome

2. Add Fruit and Plants – Fill a large bowl with oranges and place a few unique houseplants around your space. Fresh flowers always lend a sense of luxury as well. Read this and lots of other tips over at Freshome.

A pillow with a black stripe is sitting on a chair.
Photo: Huffington Post

3. Add Texture – Layering interesting textures throughout your house is a simple way to give it that high end feel. Huffington Post shares this and a number of other excellent tips here.
Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

4. Add Molding – This may take a bit of extra effort, but it will definitely elevate your space. Crown molding is very effective, and picture frame molding that matches that wall works wonders too. Check out this and lots of other tips at Better Homes and Gardens
Photo: Goedeker’s

 5. Switch Out Hardware – This is an easy one that always makes a huge difference. You may need to invest a bit of money here, but there are plenty of affordable options out there, especially if you buy in bulk. Check out more tips here.
Photo: Houzz

6. Buy Large Throw Pillows – Larger sized pillows feel custom, and will also have a bigger presence in the room. Also consider placing them in unique ways, like they’ve done in the photo above. Read more tips here.
Photo: Rhiannon’s Interiors

7. Hang Curtains From Floor To Ceiling – Not only will this make your space feel more expensive, but it will also have the added benefit of making the room feel larger. Get more tips over at Rhiannon’s Interiors.
Photo: Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body

8. Paint Over Vinyl Floors – This is an easy and inexpensive quick fix to upgrade old floors. Choose a classic design like stripes to make it feel fresh. Check out the tutorial here.

9. Get Rid of Grunge and Clutter – This one is free! Just tidy up your space and place pillows and accessories with intention. Read more over at
Photo: My Domaine

10. Create Vignettes – Arrange coffee tables and shelves with a variety of trinkets and books. Try varying the heights… this will be the most pleasing to the eye. Check out our tips for creating vignettes here, and check out other ideas from My Domaine here.

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