8 Tips For Creating A Stunning Vignette In Your Home

8 Tips For Creating A Stunning Vignette In Your Home

In the interior design world, a vignette is a small grouping of items arranged artfully on a table, shelf or mantle. Creating a vignette is an easy and affordable way to infuse some of your own unique style into a space. So go grab a few of your favorite vases, candles, books and knick knacks and let's get started.   


1. Create levels. Height is one of the most important things to keep in mind when assembling a vignette. Vary the heights of smaller items by using a tray or a stack of books. [Photo: Houzz]   

2. Add a work of art. A great painting is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your vignette... choose a piece that is meaningful to you, then build around it using the style and color as guides. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

3. Get personal. Choose items from past trips or from your childhood that hold a special place in your heart. This will convey a sense of nostalgia that your visitors are sure to respond to and comment on. [Photo: Gramfeed]

4. Keep the color consistent. Color is another important element of any good vignette. If there's a wall behind your vignette, use it to echo the colors already present on the table or mantle as shown above. [Photo: Annechovie]

5. Add some life. There are many ways to accomplish this - adding a plant or a vase of flowers is one simple way. Or consider hanging artwork with a human element... although the vignette is static, the swimmers in this painting add a wonderful sense of movement. [Photo: Lonny]

6. Don't forget about texture. Be sure to vary the finishes and textures to create depth. A metallic finish, like the gold used above, is a great way to add some shine. [Photo: Style Me Pretty]

7. Lighten up. Try grouping your items around a light source. Here, there are actually two vignettes built around a cozy fireplace. [Photo: Chinoiserie Chic]

8. Consider the surrounding area. Pick items that complement the style of the rest of your space. The pink and gold textural theme on the tables relate beautifully to the throw pillows on the sofa in the image above. [Photo: Danielle Moss]

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Leaf solution on Nov 16, 2013:

Fabulous post!! You have placed each and everything in a beautifully or too organized way. I get wonderful inspirations for contributing to my vignette home. All pleases my eyes, heart and soul. Thanks for this eye-catching tutorial.

faith-towers on Oct 22, 2013:

Thanks for the tip Brittany, great advice!

Brittany on Oct 22, 2013:

Here is another tip: your vignette should form a symmetric triangle either (right-side up or inverted), and if it's against a wall, there should be some art/photos hung in the middle of the triangle.

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