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11 Clever Ways to Repurpose Household Items

by on Sep 7, 2015

My favourite DIYs are the kind where everyday objects are used in inventive ways to create something new. Not only are these projects super clever, they’re also a great incentive to repurpose items that would otherwise gather dust in my store room, which is great for my hoarding tendencies! 

Click through to see some of the DIYs I’ve been bookmarking to make on a rainy day – I can’t wait to try them out and put my old junk to good use.

Turn a wire basket into a pretty side table (via Oleander and Palm).

Bedside table with potted plant and white lamp in the bedroom.
Photo: Oleander and Palm

Who would have thought that a salad bowl would make such a lovely planter? (via Curbly) 

Metal stand in room with potted plants on top.
Photo: Curbly

If you have a couple of spare bowls lying around, you’ve got yourself the makings of a stunning hanging plant and light fixture (via Design Sponge).

A light fixture with an attached hanging plant.
Photo: Design Sponge

I’m definitely going to try my hand at this rug to use up the t-shirts that we no longer wear (via Wonder Forest). 

A white, blue and black braided piece of decoration is against the white wall.
Photo: Wonder Forest

Get out those old chopping boards and turn a plain mirror in to a lovely feature (via Sugar and Cloth).

Dont throwaway the used items.Creative ideas to repurpose the items.
Photo: Sugar and Cloth

With just a little paint you can give your tic tac containers a whole new lease of life (via Lovely Indeed).

A person is putting together some kind of craft.
Photo: Lovely Indeed

Wooden bowls cut in half make for some very clever bathroom storage (via Curbly)

Clever ideas to use repurpose household items.
Photo: Curbly

If you have matching trays that you’re no longer using, try turning them into a pretty storage box (via Kristi Murphy)

Small wooden box sitting on top of a white table next to a plant in a vase.
Photo: Kristi Murphy

Got a some old branches in your garden? Make a display ladder! (via Design Sponge)

Wooden ladder with lights, blue colored rotating chair, potted plant and wall painting frame inside the house.
Photo: Vintage Revivals for Design Sponge

I can’t get over how genius this idea is to re-use old lampshade parts as wire plant stands (via The Merrythought).

A cactus plant in a brown flower pot, and a smaller one in a white flower pot
Photo: The Merrythought

If you find you no longer have a use for an old table runner, why not turn it into a lumbar pillow? (via Francois Et Moi)

A hat sits next to an open magazine on a bed.
Photo: Francois Et Moi

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