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Round Up: 10 Perfectly Delightful DIY Fire Pits

by on Jul 6, 2015

There’s something about sitting around a campfire that makes everything better. The ever-changing flames, the smell of the rising smoke, the crackling of wood. It’s no wonder people–even environmentalists–have a soft spot for them. It’s also no wonder that the Internet is replete with DIY backyard fire pit tutorials. Some are super easy, others…not so much. The 10 in this roundup lean toward the former. Others require no construction whatsoever! 

Instructable-er Dewey302’s $50 creation, which brilliantly utilizes concrete tree rings to construct a fire pit, was the inspiration for Caddisfly’s cozy concoction. 

Red chairs and a dog around a fire pit.
Photo: Caddisfly via Instructables

The up-cycled washing machine tub turned fire pit never gets old. Probably because of the cool effect of the perforated drum. This particular tutorial incorporates a bit of welding to fabricate legs. Although there are alternatives, they add a certain refinement to the finished product. 

a firepit made out of steel
Photo: House & Fig

Our very own Chris fabricated this piece of modern fabulousness a few years back. He explains all on Curbly’s brother sight, ManMade DIY. Note, it is fired by gel fuel canisters.

A round outdoor stone fire pit with round rocks in it is lit with a big fire.
Photo: ManMade DIY

Michelle Kaufmann shows us how to make a lovely, super-simple, eco-friendly outdoor fireplace that takes all of about 5 minutes to put together.

Have an old Webber Grill on your hands? Then you already have a fire pit!

A fire glows in a firepit in a garden area outside near a fence.
Photo: Pinterest

This fire pit doubles as a backyard BBQ. Yes, it does involve some welding, but this video from The Thumb Nail Ranch makes it seem fairly easy.

A split screen shows a charcoal grill with and without a pot on it.
Photo: DIY Cozy Home

Fancy a portable fire pit? Then a discarded shopping cart might be the way to go. And in includes its own log storage.

"log are kept below the fire in steel cart ."
Photo: peinkc via Instructables

Another portable idea: a wheelbarrow.

People sitting around a backyard fire pit with yellow flames coming out of it.
Photo: First Grade Crush

A third option for an impromptu fire pit: a galvanized tub! Follow this link for some great ideas to put together a backyard campout party. 

red chairs outside a patio with a bucket of wine
Photo: Arden Photography

And, to round out our roundup, a flameless fire pit perfect for those who might not have the yard or yard space. Adorable!

A firepit light
Photo: Free People

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