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Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table With Items Found In Nature

by on Nov 14, 2022

HGTV It can be stressful planning out what your Thanksgiving table is going to look like. Do you want fancy? Do you want simple? Natural? The possibilities are daunting. Make your life a little easier by incorporating items found in nature! Small amount of work. Big impact. Everybody wins! Here are a few tips for getting the most of nature this Thanksgiving season!      

Natural thanksgiving table decorFrench Country Cottage Is it cliche to decorate with pumpkins and gourds? If it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right. These whimsical veggies look stunning when stacked down the center of the table. All you need to do is buy or pick, then place! 

natural thanksgiving table decorSouthern Living

Pumpkins also make excellent stands for your dishes. Instead of serving your turkey, potatoes, and yams in dishes at the same level, create a display by leveling pumpkins in various sizes and placing the plates on top! 

Thanksgiving tables with natural itemsLexy Ward

For an easy way to mark your guests’ spot at the table, write their name on a smooth, round rock! Fake your way to calligraphy by writing the name in cursive with a sharpie marker, and then thickening all the downward strokes! It will look just like a pro’s! 

Thanksgiving table decor with natural itemsHGTV Incorporate wood in a whole new way! In addition to the bark print place mats, the quaking aspen wood discs will give your table a rustic feel. 

Natural thanksgiving table decorHGTVGet twiggy with it. You saw that one coming, didn’t you? Create a gorgeous twig table runner by hot gluing twigs to strips of fabric! This is one of those easy projects that only takes maybe an hour, but looks like you worked on it all day! 

To make your drinks a little more fall festive, wrap small sprigs of rosemary or oregano around the wine stems. Tie with a little piece of twine and you’re set! 

Natural items in thanksgiving table decorLexy Ward

Acorns are one of the ultimate bits of fall decor. They also double as excellent place card holders. You can keep them in their natural brown state or glitz ’em up with a little gold spray paint. Once dry, simply place a paper with your guest’s name on it and you’re done! 

I’m going to end by being all sappy and saying that no matter what your table looks like, the important thing is that you’re together with your loved ones! But it can’t hurt to have a pretty table. (wink, wink)

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