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12 Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

by on Apr 3, 2014

Now that April is here, and we’re about two weeks into spring, it’s finally starting to feel like the seasons are changing. If it’s still chilly in your city, though, you can at least warm up your home with some bright hues and colorful DIYs. Here are 12 ways to bring spring into your home.    

A white kitchen has a yellow oven, candles and picture on the wall.Kim Christie

1. Add a bright piece of floral art to your walls

Welcoming spring with colorful floral arrangement.Laura Gummerman

2. Or make a sign to welcome the new season. 

"Ampersand sign with green mud."Delineate Your Dwelling

3. Plant an ampersand, kind of. 

A few pillows in various colorsFerm Living

4. Add cheerful cushions and pillows to the living room.

DIY rose flower crown, you can make easily by following the stepsMary Costa

5. Create a hanging flower wreath for the front door. 

"Colourful light balls hanging on the brick wall."Veronica Sharon

6. Drape a colorful garland over the fireplace. 

"Geometric planter with flowers."Brittni Mehlhoff

7. Make metallic planters in five minutes

Open concept white kitchen, with green bar stools.Brooke Holm

8. Add a pop of color in the kitchen, with bar stools

A bucket in yellow paint and a white towelPersonally Andrea

9. Ombre a set of sunshine yellow tea towels

"Pleasant flowers with leaves in white surface."Cameron Ingalls

10. Make paper flowers to adorn the walls like artwork. 

A martini glass with yellow strawMarisa Mangum

11. Paint spring wooden coasters for fresh cocktails

Adult bedroom ideas "blend with plain and vibrant colors" gives so much energy.Artsy Modern

12. Add a colorful throw to the edge of the bed or behind the couch.

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