Roundup: 10 Clever Ways To Straighten Up A Disheveled Garage

10 garage organization projects

Garages can be a blessing and a curse. It's nice to have the space to store everything, but what happens when you store everything??? Things get messy, that's what. Here are ten projects to help you kick the clutter and keep things looking organized!       


Garage bins overhead

1. Hang bins overhead for more availabke floor space. via Alpha Rubicon 

rain gutters as shelves

2. Rain gutters suddenly have a new (and awesome) use. via The Family Handyman 

paint station

3. Create a station for all your paint supplies complete with a removable cart! via 2 Little Superheroes 

magnet tool strip

4. Attract all the metal bits and keep them in one place with this magnet strip! via BHG 

tool organization

5. Pure genius. Hang all the major tools on one wall and then trace the outlines of each! via Martha Stewart 

hardware in muffin tins

6. I lost my marbles when I saw this. Keep hardware in large muffin tins! via The Family Handyman 

diy bike rack

7. This DIY bike rack cost less than $2 to make! It was built for indoor use, but the same rack could be used in a garage! via The Great Indoors 

8.  Keep all shoes neatly organized! via Sunny Side Up

garage wall of hooks

9. A wall of hooks for anything and everything! via Country Living 

pegboard storage

10. Build a wall of pegboard with hooks where you can hang all your tools, mops, and brooms! via C.R.A.F.T. 

What other great organization ideas have you seen floating around the internet???

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Linda T on Apr 01, 2014:

A drawer with plastic flatware container.  Another drawer with similar container, father away from cooking area, for less used things like meat injectors, large and small meat skewers, rubber bands and cooking string, tiny light bulbs (flash lights and more)  honey dipper, MY screwdriver (different ends in handle) MUST be put back, unlike his!  Odd screws and such.

heckerday on Mar 28, 2014:

Awesome ideas!!

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