Roundup: 10 Easy Home Decor Upgrades Using Spray Paint

Roundup: 10 Easy Home Decor Upgrades Using Spray Paint

Lately I've developed a slight obsession with spray paint. There's something about its transformative powers that I just can't resist. Soon everything in my home will be a different color than it was when I got it. And I'm drawing lots of inspiration from the internet... here are ten of my very favorite ideas.   


1. Remember those brightly colored alphabet magnets you had all over the fridge as a kid? Or maybe your children have them now? Well you can spray paint them gold to make them super fancy! Here's how. [Photo: Inspired By Charm]

2. Use that gold spray paint to dress up plain black frames. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Thrifty Decor Chick]

3. Add some color to your silverware using this technique. [Photo: Sania Pell]

4. Transform clear glass mason jars into brightly colored vases using these instructions. [Photo: Joy's Hope]

5. Have an old welcome mat that's seen better days? Flip it over and create a geometric pattern on the other side using painter's tape and spray paint. Here's the tutorial. [Photo: A Little Knick Knack]

6. Spray branches red to create a fun centerpiece for your table. Or put them in a clear vase. The possibilities are endless! [Photo: Black Bear Crossings On The Lake]

7. Paint mismatched plates a single color to create an interesting gallery wall. Here's how to do it. [Photo: Apartment Therapy] 

8. Create striped neon vases using this technique. [Photo: Amanda Watson

9. Spray paint rocks two different colors for a cool set of ombre bookends. Find instructions here. [Photo: Refinery 29]

10. Give new life to an old folding chair using a bright coat of spray paint and some fabric. Read more here. [Photo: Christine Wisnieski]

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Anonymous on Jul 13, 2014:

Why would anyone want to spray paint silverware. I suppose that's a good idea if you enjoy paint flakes after washing them.

Nikki on Nov 07, 2013:

I love the chevron welcome mat! I am SO doing that!

mifuku on Oct 07, 2013:

lovely ideas! I will try the neon vases! I love them! thank you!

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