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Roundup: 10 Easy Home Decor Upgrades Using Spray Paint

by on Sep 26, 2013

Refinery 29

Lately I’ve developed a slight obsession with spray paint. There’s something about its transformative powers that I just can’t resist. Soon everything in my home will be a different color than it was when I got it. And I’m drawing lots of inspiration from the internet… here are ten of my very favorite ideas.

Group of gold metallic letters next to a picture frame.

1. Remember those brightly colored alphabet magnets you had all over the fridge as a kid? Or maybe your children have them now? Well you can spray paint them gold to make them super fancy! Here’s how. [Photo: Inspired By Charm]

2. Use that gold spray paint to dress up plain black frames. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Thrifty Decor Chick]

Bestest ideas using spray paint.

3. Add some color to your silverware using this technique. [Photo: Sania Pell]

4. Transform clear glass mason jars into brightly colored vases using these instructions. [Photo: Joy’s Hope]

5. Have an old welcome mat that’s seen better days? Flip it over and create a geometric pattern on the other side using painter’s tape and spray paint. Here’s the tutorial. [Photo: A Little Knick Knack]

It displays that home decor upgrades using spray paint.

6. Spray branches red to create a fun centerpiece for your table. Or put them in a clear vase. The possibilities are endless! [Photo: Black Bear Crossings On The Lake]

7. Paint mismatched plates a single color to create an interesting gallery wall. Here’s how to do it. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

Three pink designs that involve sculptures of different objects.

8. Create striped neon vases using this technique. [Photo: Amanda Watson]

9. Spray paint rocks two different colors for a cool set of ombre bookends. Find instructions here. [Photo: Refinery 29]

10. Give new life to an old folding chair using a bright coat of spray paint and some fabric. [Photo: Christine Wisnieski]

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  1. Anonymous

    Why would anyone want to spray paint silverware. I suppose that’s a good idea if you enjoy paint flakes after washing them.